Years of Service 2014

Thank you to these employees, recognized for their years of service in Washington Township:

Ten Years of Service
Latrina Alexander – Transportation
Rogina Anderson –  Spring Mill Elementary
Oscar Arias Dancuart North Central
George Babbitt North Central
Janice Baker John Strange Elementary
Mildred Bass Transportation
Shelley Boeglin North Central 
Julie Bookwalter Northview Middle
Amanda Brackett CEC
Kimberly Carlson North Central
Diana Cochran Adult Ed
Kathleen Coles Northview Middle
Candace Connor Northview Middle
Susan Cosand Crooked Creek Elementary
Jennifer Courtney Hilltop Learning Center
Mary DeVoe Fox Hill Elementary
Will Dinwiddie North Central 
Janet Eichenberger North Central 
Kenneth Franklin J. Everett Light Career Center
Rick Granlund North Central
Tracy Gray North Central 
Willie Harbor Westlane Middle
Trent Hinshaw Northview Middle
Marlene Hogue Nora Elementary
Heidi Hoopingarner North Central
Artisse Hunt Transportation
Amy Hwang Westlane Middle
Nathan Keith Westlane Middle
Timothy Kershaw Spring Mill Elementary
Lori Kixmiller Northview Middle
Denise Louden CEC
Rhonda Martin Allisonville Elementary
Orlando Mayfield, Jr. Westlane Middle
Eric McKey Eastwood Middle
Jamie Myers Allisonville Elementary
Corinne Neff Westlane Middle
Andy Noble North Central 
Chevene Owens North Central 
Matthew Panzer North Central
Keana Parquet Crooked Creek Elementary
Carol Pierobon-Hofer Fox Hill Elementary
Elizabeth Purcell John Strange Elementary 
Nichole Purdue Nora Elementary 
Christina Rhodes North Central High 
Ryland Rucker Spring Mill Elementary 
Dawn Smith Greenbriar Elementary 
Andrea Smith North Central 
Sarah Townsend North Central 
Dartagnan Wide J. Everett Light Career Center 
Elaine Wiggins North Central
Christopher Wilcox J. Everett Light Career Center 
Elizabeth Wildman Northview Middle        
Traci Wright Eastwood Middle 

Fifteen Years of Service
Anne Anderson Westlane Middle 
Denise Bullock North Central
Noah Butler Fox Hill Elementary 
Tony Clements North Central 
Leslie Decker North Central 
Robert Godby Maintenance 
Sally Gray John Strange Elementary 
Jackie Grist Greenbriar Elementary 
Kathy Hammel CEC 
Miguel Hernandez Crooked Creek Elementary 
Francisco Hernandez North Central
Edgar Hernandez Westlane Middle 
Phil Hon Nora Elementary 
Corinne Imboden Eastwood Middle 
Dorothy Jeffrey John Strange Elementary 
Pam Jenkins CEC 
Dawn June Crooked Creek Elementary 
Elizabeth Lane Spring Mill Elementary 
Jerald McFadden North Central 
Dudley Miller CEC 
Cynthia Moore Spring Mill Elementary 
Tracy Mount Greenbriar Elementary 
Ruthann Neddo CEC 
Newell Rick Owens, Jr. Maintenance 
Jennifer Patsel Westlane Middle 
Laura Rippe CEC 
Louise Strong Nora Elementary 
Mary Sukup Allisonville Elementary
Linda Swift North Central 
Jill Thrasher-Reid North Central
Kyle Trost Northview Middle 
James Valdez Fox Hill Elementary 
Jerome Verbrugge North Central 
Douglas Vinton Eastwood Middle 
Chad Wallace Eastwood Middle 
Leslie Wilson North Central 

Twenty Years of Service
Vicki Ayres-Benson North Central 
Mary Jane Baksa Westlane Middle 
Peter Gaudreau North Central 
Leo Hodes North Central 
Patricia Hunter Greenbriar Elementary 
Chuck Jones North Central 
Tim Kuskye Crooked Creek Elementary 
Louisa LaGrotto Westlane Middle 
Julie Lowe Spring Mill Elementary 
Raquel Moralez Northview Middle 
Frances Ryan Transportation 
Nancy Schmitt Spring Mill Elementary 
Samar Srour CEC 
Bruce Wildman Greenbriar Elementary 

Twenty Five Years of Service
Barbara King Fox Hill Elementary 
Lynette Mangum North Central 
Ann Midkiff Crooked Creek Elementary 
Mary Jo Wagner North Central 
Anita Walther North Central 
Terry Weiger J. Everett Light Career Center 
William Broderick North Central 

Thirty Years of Service
Marie Chorpenning North Central 
Joseph Cohen North Central 
Bridget Davenport Westlane Middle
Alyce Halper Greenbriar Elementary 
Joanne Hughes North Central 
Karin Jacob Allisonville Elementary 
Jan McNulty North Central 
Jill Ofengender Greenbriar Elementary 
Denise Pearson John Strange Elementary 
Sharon Thiems Westlane Middle 

Thirty Five Years of Service
Julia Campbell Nora Elementary 
Carolyn Gates North Central 
Carl Gibson North Central 
Jacqueline Kaiser Crooked Creek Elementary 
Rebecca Miller Fox Hill Elementary 
Margee O’Connor Nora Elementary 
April Oldham Allisonville Elementary 

Forty Years of Service
Sandra Brown Allisonville Elementary 
Patricia Sanders Crooked Creek Elementary 
Gary Snider Allisonville Elementary 


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