Bus Drivers Needed

The students of MSDWT need YOU!

Have you considered becoming a School Bus Driver? Washington Township is seeking quality bus drivers to serve our school community. Bus drivers come from all walks of life and career paths. Bus drivers provide a very valuable service by picking up and delivering our students to school and back home, safely. They provide a friendly and familiar face to students as they begin and end their school day.

MSDWT requires a bus driver to have a clean driving record, be drug free, over twenty-one years of age, pass a national background check, and be eligible to work in the United States. Occasional substitute driver pay is $16.25 per hour. A first year driver on contract receives $21.46 per hour.

Bus Driver Training Program: $180.00 paid midway through the training process and an additional $180.00 paid at the end of the training program.

For further information, or to apply to this position, please visit the MSDWT Transportation vacancy page on our website at:


You may also contact Nancy Chastain at 205-3332, ext. 77237 or via email at nchastain@msdwt.k12.in.us .

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