June 24, 2018

Skyward Canvas Outlook

Nov. 18 Parent Council
Nov. 18 Parent Council

Nov. 18 Parent Council

Please join us for the next Parent Council meeting Wednesday, November 18 at the CEC at 7:00pm. All MSDWT Parents & Caregivers are welcome!

Filming begins next week!
Great news from our Community Outreach and Promotion Committee! An IUPUI class (taught by an MSDWT resident) is creating a promotional video for us! The object of the video is to give a parent perspective of what makes Washington Township schools great. Our goal is to try to replicate the important parent-to-parent and neighbor-to-neighbor conversations we are already having. Our filmmakers will be at our meeting next Wednesday, and everyone will have the opportunity to be a part of this project! Just come with a few words ready to complete the sentence “I choose Washington Township Schools because…” and say it on camera!

Advancement Center
We will also get an overview of the Advancement Center for Washington Township Schools and North Central Alumni (aka “The Advancement Center”). They are doing amazing things for our district! Come hear an update and learn more about this integral group and how it supports our students, teachers and the entire MSDWT Community.

Administration & School Board Updates

Dr. Woodson will provide an administration update and our School Board liaisons will provide the School Board Update.

Committee Work

We will take the second half of the meeting to work in committees.

This meeting is open to all! We hope to have all schools and grade levels represented. Bring a friend!

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