Choose, Act, Reflect

April 12, 2016 at 14:29

MSD Editor

Primary Years Program (PYP) In Action

Washington Township students are learning how to take action, evidenced this spring as nearly 800 Washington Township fifth graders are completing their Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition Project.   What is the PYP Exhibition?  It is a culmination of the Primary Years Program for the fifth graders.  This is a time that students celebrate their learning and demonstrate what it means to be a PYP student. They apply all that they have learned and who they have become throughout their journey in the PYP. Exhibition projects are completely student centered, so the students develop their central ideas and what action they are going to take based on their research. Students begin working on this action research at the beginning of the second semester.  It is amazing to see their talents and impressive and comforting to know that we are educating children to choose to research, based on their passions, act on their findings, and reflect on what they have done for the community and world! 


Spring Mill Elementary 5th graders present their 2015 IB Exhibition project on water pollution.

Spring Mill Elementary 5th graders present their 2015 IB Exhibition project on water pollution.


Middle Years Program (MYP) In Action

Living History at NCHS

The Living History Series at North Central High School is designed to provide high school students with access to primary source teaching from community veterans. The highlight of US History class for many students, the Living History series, offers a morning and afternoon session where students come for presentations in small groups with our veterans.

Every year students are moved by the unselfishness and experiences of those whose past has helped pave their futures, and through the stories that are shared North Central High School students take with them a lasting impression when the day is done. If you are a veteran, or know of a veteran who would like to participate in this important event, please contact Leslie Wilson at 259-5222 to be added to the guest list.

The NCHS ROTC salutes ALL veterans who have served or who are currently serving. Thank you!

Living History @ NC

Living History @ NC