Years of Service 2016

Thank you to these employees, recognized for their years of service in Washington Township:


Ten Years of Service

Helene Achgill – North Central

Jesus Alarcon – Northview

Lisa Alexander – Fox Hill

Shiela Anderson – North Central

Valerie Anyike – Westlane

Cristina Barry – Crooked Creek

Joseph Bautista – North Central

Jasmin Burch – Northview

Laurie Carlson – Adult Ed

Matthew Comer – J Everett Light

Nicole Cooper – J Everett Light

Maria Deluna – Fox Hill

Sarah Ernstberger – North Central

Brian Funk – J Everett Light

Magdalene Gates – North Central

Grant Gaunt – Northview

Linda Gibboney – Northview

Joyce Glenn – Crooked Creek

Patricia Grannan – J Everett Light

Mark Haste – North Central

Thomas Hon – North Central

Carmen Howell – Adult Ed

Tammy Knight – North Central

Keri Kornelsen – Adult Ed

Matthew Marshall – North Central

Linda Massie – North Central

Cynthia Mattox – Adult Ed

Daniel Mayorga – Eastwood

Jodi Miller – Nora

Elena Nae – Northview

Kristen Nicoson – Fox Hill

Shirley Perdue – Spring Mill

Anat Pinsky – Fox Hill

Stephen Ramirez – Eastwood

Linda Rounder – Adult Ed

Patricia Schimmoller – Nora

Dajuana Smith – Crooked Creek

Diane Steffey – J Everett Light

Mance Strickland – Spring Mill

Laura Vanderhaeghen – Eastwood

Julie Vanover – Nora

Tammy Wente – John Strange


Fifteen Years of Service

Amia Adams – Allisonville

Tamera Anderson – North Central

Mary Banner – North Central

Janet Bracher – Nora

Rosa Casas – Spring Mill

Mary Lou Cox – Eastwood

Sherri Duckett – Northview

Elisabeth Ebtinger – North Central

Leah Floyd – Northview

Adrienne Frank – Crooked Creek

Samantha Franklin – Eastwood

Kimberly Gaither – Transportation

Joseph Giordano – North Central

Slobodanka Glusac – Adult Ed

Maria Guadarrama – Westlane

Ann Guggenheim – North Central

Crystal Haslett – J Everett Light

Kathryn Hermus – Spring Mill

Edward Hruskocy – North Central

Kay Humphrey – Spring Mill

Jason Jackson – North Central

Clair Jacobson – Eastwood

Eric Johnson – Northview

Margaret Johnson – Spring Mill

Linda Lawrence – Westlane

Karen Levenhagen – Northview

Yolanda Lopez-Robles – Eastwood

Holly May – Westlane

Janet Miller – Adult Ed

Kimberly Morrow – Fox Hill

Danny Neely – J Everett Light

Tracy Nygaard – John Strange

Kelly Ouattara – Crooked Creek

Barbara Pauly – North Central

Kristen Poindexter – Spring Mill

Barbara Rauch – Adult Ed

Michelle Riggers – North Central

Kandy Smitha – J Everett Light

Mary Switalski – Allisonville

Jean Teramoto – Crooked Creek

Victoria Thompson – Nora

Emily Tucker – Fox Hill

Zulma Vilchis-Uribe – Crooked Creek

Edward Vischak – North Central

Jennifer Williams – North Central

Joli Williams – Northview


Twenty Years of Service

Michael Akers – North Central

Margaret Bock – Nora

Laurie Cowan-Turner – Spring Mill

Sherri Dewitt – North Central

Jami Gray – North Central

Julie Grissom – Eastwood

Mary Hasser – North Central

Christopher Holmes – Westlane

Kristine Kelly – J Everett Light

Bruce Logan – Westlane

Deborah Perry – Greenbriar

Rex Rymers – North Central

Lynn Schopp – North Central

Sherry Sharp – Transportation

Mark Tarowsky – John Strange

Stephen Walker – Allisonville

Beth Wellman – Hilltop


Twenty-Five Years of Service

James Bell – Northview

Marilynn Garvey – Adult Ed

Emily Kniesly – Fox Hill

Andy Middleton – Northview

Fred Rosemeyer – Eastwood

Russell Swisher – Strange

Joyce Trost – Crooked Creek

Larry Willan – North Central

Melinda Zore – Westlane


Thirty Years of Service

Jill Hatcher – Spring Mill

Daniel Mcgill – North Central

James  Perry – Northview

Julia Roberts – Greenbriar


Thirty-Five Years of Service

Pamela Kendrick – Fox Hill

Kevin Miller – Greenbriar


Forty Years of Service

Roger Girtz – North Central

Doris Lyng – Westlane


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