Years of Service 2017

Thank you to these employees, recognized for their years of service in Washington Township:

45 Years of Service

Gloria Rejer, John Strange


35 Years of Service

Nancy Chastain, CEC

Amy Resler, Allisonville


30 Years of Service

William Gulde, North Central

Kevin Jones, Eastwood

Steve Matthews, J. Everett Light

Lynda McQuiston, North Central

Stuart Mill III, Greenbriar

Michael Pomerenke, Allisonville

Edi Powell, Hilltop

Jill Russell, Spring Mill

Barbara Yeary, Crooked Creek


25 Years of Service

Jack Durkin          North Central

Leanne Kabrich  North Central

Kimberly Matsuoka         Northview

Maribeth Smith John Strange

Sylvia Stokes       CEC

Patsy Watkins    Transportation

Susan Yerkes-Bender       Spring Mill


20 Years of Service

John Campbell,  Spring Mill

Lindsey Cohen,  Greenbriar

Peggy Crear, North Central

Stacie Hamilton, Nora

Julie Hunt, North Central

Rhonda Jenkins, Fox Hill

Michael Lamirand, North Central

Teelier Mack, North Central

Victor Newsome, Northview

Janet Pfadt, Fox Hill

Deeann Ramey, North Central

Marcia Rosene-Rigdon,  North Central

Kandy Smitha, J. Everett Light

Cheryl Sutton, CEC

Alan Vickrey, North Central

Charlotte Watson, CEC

John Weichert, John Strange

Diana Yates,  Spring Mill


10 Years of Service

William Alumbaugh, Fox Hill

Dolores Anderson, J. Everett Light

Subhashini Balagopal, Spring Mill

John Bartenbach, Allisonville

Amanda Barth, Hilltop

Kaitlin Baumgartner, Spring Mill

Lydia Boll, Allisonville

Carol Bowers, North Central

Nicholas Brewer, Westlane

Desiree Brooks, Fox Hill

Kathy Brown, John Strange

LeRoy Brown, North Central

Beth Butterfield , Adult Ed

Brooke Callis, Crooked Creek

Laurie Carlson, Adult Ed

Adam Clutinger, North Central

Kristal Cole, Adult Ed

Todd Deley, Adult Ed

Emily Dickerson, Fox Hill

Richard Doss, CEC

Edward Erickson, J. Everett Light

Daniel Fariss, Transportation

Colin Fiesbeck, Westlane

Mario Flores, North Central

Kari Fritz, North Central

Craig Ghormley, North Central

La’Gena Gilder,  North Central

Adam Goodman, Westlane

Nicole Goodman, Northview

Catrina Gurley, Adult Ed

Ramla Hampton, J. Everett Light

Robin Haskins, North Central

Jill Johnson, Crooked Creek

Stacie Kleeman, Westlane

Angela Krause, North Central

Jill Kropa, Nora

Mona Laghaie, CEC

Lindsey Mastain, Spring Mill

Pamela McKinney, Adult Ed

Louise McManus, North Central

Saundra Meriweather, North Central

Larissa Morris     North Central

Carol Lynn Myers, Nora

Amy Orange, Westlane

William Pitcock, Westlane

Heather Pollock, Greenbriar

Carla Sanford, North Central

Mance Strickland, Spring Mill

Jill Ware, Eastwood

Courtney Williams, North Central

Jazz Wright, Transportation

Katharine Young, North Central

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