July 17, 2018

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Welcome Back
Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Welcome Back to Washington Township!

Thank you for making our Washington Township Schools your choice for the education and personal growth of your child.  On behalf of my colleagues on the Board of Education, I welcome you as we start the 2017-2018 school year!  We appreciate your commitment of time to help prepare your child for the educational, public service and employment options of the future.

This has been a year of continued success in our District.  Thanks to the support of you and residents in our community, we are preparing to make $185M in investments in new and/or renovated facilities for all buildings in our school district.  These capital improvement upgrades will enhance our safety and security, provide technological upgrades, and ensure that our classrooms are designed to meet the latest in educational design trends.  These improvements over the next few years will demonstrate what many of you already know—that public education and investment in our young people is a smart investment in our community. 

Our young people continue to excel in the classroom, in extracurricular activities and in our community.  The hallmark of an education in Washington Township is that we are “Superior Schools in a Supportive Community”.  We prove that each day with students who want to be prepared for the future; teachers dedicated to making a difference in the classroom; administrators and other staff who provide outstanding support for all our efforts; and families like you who make the sacrifices needed to make a difference in the lives of our young people. 

Thank you so much for your constant support of our young people.  Welcome and enjoy the next chapter of your educational journey!

With Appreciation,

President of the Washington Township School Board & Dr. Nikki Woodson, Superintendent


Board of Education
Board of Education, MSDWT



Left to right: Mr. Anthony S. Dzwonar, Mr. John P. Fencl, Dr. Wanda Thruston, Mr. Donald B. Kite, Sr., Mr. William Turner

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