February 22, 2019

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Time Capsule Found
Time Capsule Found

Time Capsule Found


Recently Washington Township employees and administrators had the honor of unsealing a time capsule which was discovered on the former Wyandotte building site during the demolition process.

Time Capsule
CEC Staff Break Time Capsule Seal

At the October CEC staff meeting, employees gathered in anticipation as Superintendent Dr. Woodson opened the capsule to reveal the contents. Among the items revealed were several Indianapolis newspapers, a State and Local Officials Roster, curriculum digests for both elementary and secondary, minted coins, several official district documents … all from 1955, the year that the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township was established. It was determined that these items had been sealed inside of one of the building’s cornerstones during the time in which the Wyandotte site served as the central offices for the school district.

The district and it’s construction and design professionals are on the lookout for a time capsule that may have been buried in the ground on the former Harcourt Elementary School site.

The contents of the time capsule are now on display at the CEC, 8550 Woodfield Crossing Blvd. See a gallery depicting those items below:


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