School Safety

School Safety

Recent school shootings in Florida and right here at home remind all of us of the importance of safety and security at the schools of the MSD Washington Township.  The safety of our students, staff and visitors is our top priority, and the District works closely with the MSDWT School Police Department to continually monitor and improve our safety plans.  District Safety and Security, along with Operations staff, are currently auditing our district and building emergency plans to ensure that best practices are in place.

In addition, the MSDWT District Safety Committee is very active, meeting quarterly to discuss important issues related to school safety and security.  Our collaboration with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the city’s Department of Homeland Security is second to none, and continues to be a critical part of our safety efforts here.

The MSDWT School Police Department recently added a new school police officer who will be primarily assigned to the J. Everett Light Career Center, as well as assisting at True North Academy and at North Central High School.    All of the officers of the MSDWT School Police recently underwent forty hours of specific school safety and law enforcement training in collaboration with the Pike Township School Police. 

We remind our staff and students to be diligent in following safety protocols and to pay particular attention to all safety drills this year.  School safety is a community commitment to students and staff.  If you see something, say something.  You can report concerns to staff, administrators and to our own MSDWT School Police Department.

Brian Clouse, Coordinator of Safety & Security

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