February 22, 2019

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Teaching and Learning Update
Teaching and Learning Update

Teaching and Learning Update

Exciting Career Technical Opportunities for Washington Township Students

Teaching & Learning
JEL Career Center

Washington Township is continuously reviewing avenues for our students to find success once their K-12 experience is completed. For many years, the term “vocational education” brought to mind visions of students who were not headed for post-secondary education. Now, the term Career-Technical Education (CTE) has replaced the outdated vocational education mindset. Students are now entering a world of post-secondary industry credentialing apprenticeships, as well as post-secondary coursework. The education and job landscapes are now combining to provide incredible opportunities for our state’s graduates. Washington Township is embracing the challenge to create as many pathways as possible for our students including courses in pre-engineering, computer science, and aviation.

CTE has developed pathways to lead students directly to high-wage, high demand jobs, or go to college.  Students who complete a CTE program have the opportunity to earn college credit from an accredited institution and are also eligible to earn industry recognized certifications.  CTE certifications are aligned with Indiana’s economic sectors and allow students to join the workforce in a desired high demand, high wage field, increasing their lifetime earnings.

The state of Indiana is now requiring students to complete a Graduation Pathway during their four years of high school. The students that engage in CTE courses will fulfill the Graduation Pathway requirement while also gaining the necessary post-secondary college credit or industry certification necessary for immediate success following high school. We are proud to offer these opportunities for our students.

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