February 25, 2020

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The Washington Township “W”
The Washington Township “W”

The Washington Township “W”

MSDWT is very excited about the opening of two new elementary buildings in the Fall of 2019, Clearwater and Willow Lake. In addition, we have major renovations that will be taking place during the next five years throughout the district. As we continue to transform and update our facilities, we feel that this is an excellent opportunity for us to refresh and re-brand our district brand identity.

In May 2018, the district consulted with Section 127 (a branding and design agency) to assist with wayfiding and branding in our two new elementary schools. As a part of that work, community members, administration, staff, students, and members of the board were asked for input through focus groups, surveys, and meetings, in an effort to better understand perceptions of what Washington Township the district, stands for as a brand. Further review continued of the district’s goals in communicating our mission, vision, and values more efficiently and effectively through our brand and logo graphic representation.

We feel that the final outcome reaches the collective goal of visually connecting our core principles to our brand identity. In addition, our new district logo becomes a unifying element for ALL students in the district, tying in our flagship high school’s colors into the design; for it is at North Central High School where every district student, one day, becomes a Panther!

The Washington Township ‘W’
With modern touches and the addition of forward motion, the new logo represents the township’s commitment to quality education for all students and the continuum of education achieved in Washington Township. The three bands that make up the forward-sweeping structures of the ‘W’ portray that continuum representing elementary, middle, and high school. The three bands also remind us of the three stages of the International Baccalaureate Program — the Primary Years, Middle Years, and IB Diploma Programs.

If you have questions about logo usage, please contact Ellen at errogers@msdwt.k12.in.us.
We thank everyone who participated in the process and we look forward to continuing to work together on planning the future of Washington Township Schools.

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