Superstar Staff Recognition

At the beginning of second semester, we launched this new recognition for staff, inspired by a district parent who came forward to acknowledge the outstanding work of her child’s bus driver.  In WT we have amazing staff who go above and beyond daily to create a wonderful educational experience for our students and families.  We haven’t publicly and consistently shared some of these “Superstar” staff member stories with the community, and so in an effort to bring these individuals to light, we launched the Superstar Staff Recognition program for WT Staff.  Be watching for your next opportunity to nominate a staff member who has gone above and beyond to make your student’s experience outstanding in Washington Township.

Gioia Partee awarded
Gioia Partee, Superstar Staff






















Congratulations Jocelyn Sission, Teacher at NCHS!


Congratulations Kathy Loggan, Administrative Assistant at Hilltop Developmental Preschool!


Congratulations Kerry Bieschke, teacher at NCHS!


Congratulations Amanda Cavaletto, Nurse at Nora Elementary!


Congratulations Davi Raes, Teacher at Spring Mill Elementary!


Congratulations Dixie Shrock, Teacher at Greenbriar Elementary!


Congratulations to Latrin Alexander from Transportation!


Congratuations to Laura Hakim, Social Worker at Nora Elementary!


Congratulations to Steve Matthews, Building Foreman at JELCC!


Congratulations to Officer Steven Chandler, School Police Officer at Westlane Middle School!


Congratuations Tiffany Lindsay, Nurse at Fox Hill Elementary!


Congratulations to Tommy Wells, Counselor at Eastwood Middle School!

Superstar Staff
Tommy Wells, Counselor at Eastwood Middle School


Congratulations to Jill Kropa, Assistant Principal at Nora Elementary!

Superstar Staff
Jill Kropa, Nora Elementary


Congratulations Anne Frank, Teacher at Nora Elementary!

Superstar Staff
Anne Frank, Teacher at Nora Elementary


Congratulations to Kristen Poindexter, Teacher at Allisonville Elementary!

Superstar Staff
Kristen Poindexter, teacher at Allisonville Elementary.


Congratulations Meredith Schaar, Teacher at Nora Elementary!

Superstar Staff
Meredith Schaar, teacher at Nora Elementary


Congratulations Peter Schlifke, Principal at Nora Elementary!

Superstar Staff
Peter Schlifke, Principal at Nora Elementary


Congratulations Melody Howard, teacher at Northview Middle School.

Super Star M. Howard
Melody Howard, Northview Middle School

Congratulations to Marcus Dalton, teacher at Nora Elementary!

Super Star M. Dalton
Marcus Dalton, Nora Elementary

Congratulations Jana Cosler, teacher at Northview Middle School!

Super Star J. Cosler
Jana Cosler, Northview Middle School

Congratulations Heather Pollock, teacher at Allisonville Elementary!

Super Star H. Pollock
Heather Pollock, Allisonville Elementary


Congratulations to Demetrice Burton, teacher at North Central High School!

Super Star D. Burton
Demetrice Burton, North Central High School


Congratulations to Charles Cameron, Teacher at Northview Middle School!

Charles Cameron, Northview


Congratulations to Emily Doss, Teacher at Clearwater Elementary.

Superstar Staff
Emily Doss, Teacher at Clearwater Elementary

Congratulations Jolianne Girton, Counselor at NCHS.

Jolianne Girton SSS
Jolianne Girton, Counselor at NCHS


Congratulations Gregory Lineweaver, Teacher and Dept. Chair at NCHS.

Greg Lineweaver
Gregory Lineweaver, Teacher at NCHS


Congratulations Victor Newsome, Counselor at NCHS.

Superstar Victor Newsome
Victor Newsome, Counselor at NCHS


Congratulations Chelsea Peresie, Teacher at NCHS.

Chelsea Peresie, NC
Chelsea Peresie, Teacher at NCHS


Congratulations Disha Bhagwat, Teacher at NCHS.

Disha Bhagwat
Disha Bhagwat, Teacher at NCHS


Congratulations Elizabeth Rothrock, Teacher at NCHS.

Beth Rothrock
Elizabeth Rothrock, Teacher at NCHS


Congratulations Jimmy Torres, Teacher at Willow Lake Elementary.

Superstar Staff
Jimmy Torres, Teacher (WLE)


Congratulations Alex Birdsong, Building Foreman at Allisonville Elementary.

Superstar Alex
Superstar Alex Birdsong

Congratulations Kim Hankins, Bus Driver.

Kim Hankins
Superstar Kim Hankins

Congratulations Yolanda Kinchelow, Bus Driver.

Yolnda Kinchelow
Superstar Yolanda Kinchelow

Congratulations Whitney Green, Bus Driver.

Whitney Green
Superstar Whitney Green

Congratulations to David Day, Bus Driver.

David Day
Superstar David Day

Congratulations to Katy McLiver, Teacher at Fox Hill Elementary.

Katy McLiver
Superstar Katy Mcliver


Congratulations to Tomesha Barlow, Administrative Assistant at Spring Mill Elementary.

SuperStar Staff
Tomesha Barlow, Spring Mill Elementary AA

Congratulations to Tim Blom, Principal at Greenbriar Elementary!

SuperStar Staff
Tim Blom, Greenbriar Principal

Congratulations to the first recipient Dina Winfrey!  Dina and future recipients will receive public recognition and a Superstar pin for her lanyard.  Please watch the video of her surprise recognition by clicking the graphic below:

Employee Recognition
Superstar Staff

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