September 27 Communication

Update regarding WT Reopening of Schools for In-Person Learning

To:       WT Families

Cc:       WT Staff 

From:   District Leadership

Re:       Important District Updates

Date:    September 27, 2020

Calendar Updates for Reopening of Schools

  • Students in Grades K-2 will return to school on October 12 if they chose in-person learning. 
  • Students in Grades 3-5 will return to school  on October 19 if they chose in-person learning.
  • Students in K-2 virtual classes will receive information in the near future regarding teacher placement.  Students may stay in their same school if there were enough students to form a class section or change schools if there were not enough students to form a virtual class.  Some teachers may change for students receiving in-person if their current teacher has now become the virtual teacher.  The virtual schedule that was used during the beginning of the  school year may be modified in order to keep pace with the in-person students and schedule.  We want to ensure that students are receiving the same standards and pacing as their in-person peers for ease of transition back into the classroom at some point as well.  This may mean that students may have live instruction in the morning and in the afternoon.  
  • Students in grades 3-5 virtual classes will receive information regarding their virtual classroom placement as we get closer to October 19.  These students may also have shifts in their virtual classroom schedule as stated above. 
  • Please remember that due to staffing and logistics, your choice for virtual or in-person learning is a commitment until winter break.  In mid-November, you will receive another questionnaire asking if you would like to remain with your option or make a change.  Then, changes will be made for students when they return in January.
  • Students in grades 6-12 will return on October 19 if they chose in-person learning, following a hybrid model.
    • Students with last names A-K will attend school on RED days (Tuesday/Wednesdays) most weeks.
    • Students with last names L-Z will attend school on BLACK days (Thursdays/Fridays) most weeks.
    • All students in grades 6-12 will remain virtual on Mondays most weeks.
    • There will be occasional adjustments to the weekly schedule due to  necessary state assessment requirements.  For example, the week of October 26-30 students in grades 6-12 will follow a different schedule.  Monday and Tuesday will be RED Days, Wednesday and Friday will be BLACK Days, and VIRTUAL will occur on Thursday, October 29 to allow sophomores and juniors to come into school to complete the PSAT. 
    • If you have a blended family, and your students would attend in-person on different days due to different last names, and you would like your students to attend in-person on the same days, please reach out to your students’ school to work through this issue by Tuesday, September 29. 
  • Beginning Monday, October  19,  school start times for secondary schools will change.  The high school student day will once again begin at 7:20 AM and conclude at 2:35 PM on all hybrid days. All high school virtual days will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at  2:35 PM.   The middle school student day will begin at 9:20 AM and conclude at 4:20 PM each day.  
  • The Early Release Day for Thursday, October 22 is canceled to minimize disruption of the return to in-person learning. The student day will start and end at their normal times at each level.



For those who chose busing for your child’s in-person schooling:

  • Grades K-2 – starting October 12
    • Student bus route information is now ready for viewing on your student’s Skyward information page.
  • Grades 3-12 – starting October 19
    • Student bus route information will be available for viewing on your student’s Skyward information page beginning Friday, October 2, 2020.
  • The App Here Comes the Bus will also be utilized this school year to assist with bus arrival to your location.
  • You will notice buses driving through your neighborhood doing practice runs beginning next week preparing for the start of school. 
  • Please remember masks must be worn by all students while riding the bus and on school property.  Help us remind students that sharing of items and touching others should be avoided. 

If you have further questions or need a change regarding your child’s transportation, please call the Transportation Dept. at 317-254-5510.  Please allow 5 business days for changes to be put in place.

Immunizations Required

Indiana law requires that students enrolled in school, whether virtual or in-person, must be immunized and certain immunization(s) are required for their continued enrollment in school. You are required to provide your student’s school with a current document of your child’s immunizations.  Adequate documentation is as follows: documentation from a healthcare provider, an immunization record from another school corporation, an immunization record in the Indiana Immunization Registry (CHIRP), or a printed record from another state registry.

You will have until October 12, 2020 to provide the school vaccination documentation or complete and submit the attached medical vaccine exemption form signed by a physician or the religious exemption form to be completed each school year. Students who do not have the required immunization(s) or exemption form completed and turned in to their school will not be permitted to remain in school beginning October 19, 2020.


*NOTE: It is not enough to have the correct NUMBER of doses.  The doses must also be spaced according to CDC guidelines.   If your student needs an additional dose of a vaccine, Skyward is recognizing one or more of the doses administered to be invalid.

Thank you for your assistance with this urgent matter.   Please send in the proper documentation to your child’s school if you have not already done so.  For further information about vaccines please contact your health care provider or the Marion County Public Health Department at (317) 221-2000.


Fax numbers for schools

Allisonville Elementary             


Clearwater Elementary               


Crooked Creek Elementary


Fox Hill Elementary


Greenbriar Elementary


Nora Elementary


Spring Mill Elementary


Willow Lake Elementary


Eastwood Middle


Northview Middle


Westlane Middle


North Central High


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