NV Student Wins Cultural Contest!

Recently Northview Middle School students spent a week learning about the Mexican card game, Lotería, similar to what we know as Bingo in America. They explored a variety of artists’ styles looking at different Lotería cards and were then tasked with creating a Lotería card of their own. Students picked a theme for their deck of cards, created a mock board that they would play with, and then chose one card to enlarge and create a more finished drawing from it. They utilized their art kits to create their card and photographed their finished work using their chromebooks to submit their drawing. Students were also given the chance to play the game virtually on their devices through Google Doodle’s interactive game: “Celebrating Lotería.”

The Indiana Latino Institute hosted a statewide contest for elementary and middle school aged children and they selected one winner for both age groups. On Friday, October 9 the ILI announced the winners live on RTV6 as they turned the canal fountain orange in downtown Indianapolis to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The overall middle school winner is Northview Middle School student Kelsey Foster! She will receive an ILI T-shirt, ILI face mask, art supplies, and a gift card.

Congratulations to Northview student Kelsey Foster! (See her winning art below)

NV Artists
Artist: Kelsey Foster, NV Middle School

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