June Recognitions

At the June 8, 2022 Regular Meeting of the Board of Education the following individuals were recognized for helping to make Washington Township a Superior School District.

Board Recognitions - NC Choirs
Jared McElroy, Joyce Click, Rick Granlund

Congratulations to the Choir at North Central High School as they are the recipients of the Indiana State School Music Association All-Music Award (ISMMA) for the 2021-22 school year. Congratulations to the talented young musicians and music staff for this outstanding accomplishment during this most challenging year.  Leading the North Central Choral efforts are  NC Choir Directors, Mr. Raunick, Mr. McElroy and Mrs. Click and NC Performing Arts Department Chair, Mr. Granlund. Again, congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment!

Congratulations to NC Head Coach, Kevin O’Shea as he is being inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame on June12th at the Purdue Memorial Union Ballroom. Coach O’Shea is an experienced head football coach who has demonstrated his strong history of classroom management, athletics and is an outstanding community and social services professional. We are extremely proud of Coach O’Shea and all he does for our athletes, students, staff and community!  Congratulations!

Board Recognition
Coach O'Shea, NCHS Head Football Coach
Board Recognitions
Representatives from Schools on Wheels
Board Recognitions
Members Representing Love on a Leash

The Superintendent’s Service Award is given to an individual, group or organization that has shown extraordinary support to teaching and learning in Washington Township during the school year. This year Superintendent Dr. Woodson recognized the following outstanding supports to our schools.


NameGroup/Organization Title
Nora Neighborhood Ambassadors: Nominated by Nora Elementary School – Ms. Debi Alexander and Ms. Erin CoslerNora Neighborhood Ambassadors has worked diligently to help residents of Lakeside Pointe, as advocates, community voices, and resources. They have worked tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome for our many MSDWT families who call Lakeside Pointe home!
School on Wheels: Nominated by Greenbriar Elementary School -Education Support Coordinator, Amy Kellams, Founder and CEO, Sally Bindley and Chief Operating Office, Kate HusseySchool on Wheels provides one on one and small group academic support to children experiencing homelessness and housing instability. Eight years ago, School on Wheels began their partnership with Washington Township Schools by providing their services in 2 or our elementary schools. Now, School on Wheels provides academic support and actively engages parents in their child’s learning by serving 7 of 8 Washington Township elementary schools and the high school. We are grateful to this organization for the partnership. They are committed to working alongside teachers and staff to ensure equitable outcomes for all children.
Love on a Leash: Nominated by Allisonville Elementary School – 5 handlers and their dogs will be in attendanceLove on a Leash visits Allisonville Elementary frequently to help students process their feelings. The service dogs have worked one on one with individual students, with small groups of students, and in a whole-class setting. These therapy dogs bring so much joy and convert to of our students who are experiencing trauma.
Mr. Steve Briggs: Nominated by Fox Hill Elementary SchoolMr. Briggs has spent countless hours as a volunteer tutor at Fox Hill Elementary. We cannot thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to our students, staff and community.  Thank you for all you do every day!

North Central Church of Christ:

Nominated by True North Academy – Kathy Litzkow

North Central Church of Christ has supported our school community for 20+ years. Each year they respond to the current needs and adjust their supports accordingly. Along the way they continue to respond to our requests while serving each and every commitment and offering in an optimal manner.
MISO Energy Group: Nominated by Spring Mill Elementary School – Mr. David Hudson, Spring Mill PTO PresidentMISO has been a great partner for our school community. David Hudson willingly took the role as PTO president with no prior experience and has done an outstanding job. Your support and dedication has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you for all you do for our students and the WT community.






























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