November Recognitions

At the November 16, 2022 Regular Meeting of the Board of Education the following individuals were recognized for helping to make Washington Township a Superior School District.

Congratulations to the coaching staff and members of the State Champion Boys Tennis Team. Also, Owen Larrimer and Akshay Guttikonda both won Boys Doubles State Championship. We are so proud of the entire North Central Boys Tennis Team for their hard work and dedication this season.  Well deserved!

Members of the NCHS 2022 Boys Tennis Team

Antonopolous, Alex Gentile, Jackson James, Eli
Dooley, Tyler Godbey, Evan Kropa, Christian
Geller, Charolette Haffner, Landon Kutin, Jack
Grissom, Carrie Haggstrom, Erik Mackey, Luke
Grissom, Rachel Johnson, Luke Mahoney, Matthew
Guttikonda, Akshay Khoury, Aiden Strachota, Charlie
Herriman, Jack Klaus, Carter Williams, Noah
Jha, Ronit Logan, Ethan Herring, Oliver
Johnson, Sophie Manion, Ted Dubach, Xavier
Khoury, Uriah McClurg, Kane Dreyer, Berkley
Larrimer, Owen Meier, Colin Dubach, Elijah
Robinson, Caroline Melani, Dante Danz IV, Harry
Strachota, Nathan Parker, Dexter Des Bordes, Charlie
Waddell, Henry Parker, Truitt Clark, Walter
Washem, Gavin Perry, Reginald Burch, Kyle
Willingham, Maurquis Peterson, Gabriel Chapital, Matthew
Baltz, Max Sewell, Sam Barker, Charlie
Bantz, Jack Spencer, Grant Bush, Aiden
Bentley, Jackson Tetrault, Logan Thompson, Daniel


Congratulations to Superintendent, Dr. Woodson for being named a finalist for the 2022 National Association of School Superintendents (NASS) “Superintendent of the Year.” Dr. Woodson is an educational leader described as a “model of uncompromising dedication to student achievement” by Selection Panel Member and former NASS Superintendent of the Year, Dr. Jim Capolupo. Woodson’s dedication to student success is evident in all who speak with her. She is a highly engaged educational leader whose leadership is making a notable difference in MSDWT. We are thrilled to celebrate Dr. Woodson’s achievements and to call her our Proud Superintendent! Congratulations again!

Board Recs

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