September 20, 2019

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6th Grade Honors Application Process

The MSD of Washington Township offers Honors classes for academically talented students in grades six through eight.  The richly differentiated curriculum for the classes is based on the Indiana Academic Standards, and the content, pace, or depth of instruction is accelerated.

All fifth grade students are considered.  Placement into these courses is based on the following student achievement and aptitude test scores: NWEA, CogAT, ISTEP+, and the IAAT.  There are automatic qualifying scores based on the aforementioned test scores.  Students may qualify by meeting one of the automatic qualifiers, so the number of students qualifying for Honors classes at the middle level is much larger than at the elementary level. 

Fifth grade teachers are provided a list of qualifying students from each middle school.  If a fifth grade teacher believes a student should be reconsidered, he/she may write a HOPE Nomination for that student, and the middle schools will re-examine the data and consider the input from the fifth grade teacher before making a final determination of a student’s placement. 

The selection process is typically completed prior to spring break, and fifth grade parents are notified about Honors placement by the middle of April.  If a parent has questions about his/her child’s placement, he/she may contact his child’s middle school principal. 

Mr. Sean Taylor – Eastwood   259-5401

Mr. Matt Kaiser – Northview  259-5421

Mr. Bill Pitcock – Westlane    259-5412

Clases de Honor Sexto Grado


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