June 12, 2021

Community Input Summary

Th Strategic Plan of the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township (MSDWT) was created through a collaborative process that included the thousands of viewpoints, suggestions, and input from a broad base of community stakeholders including students, parents, district residents, business owners, staff members, and Board members. From May to November 2015, stakeholder feedback was collected through online surveys, community focus groups and forums, and by attending various district and community meetings. 

Feedback Opportunity                               Time Frame                                        Approx. Number Who Gave Feedback

Online Community & Staff SurveyMay – June 20152,445
School Board Meetings (9)May – November 2015Open to the public
Phone SurveySpring 2015425
Parent Council “State of WT Schools” Presentation August 19, 201550

Community Feedback Forums ( 6 )

“State of WT Schools” Presentation

August – October 2015144
Strategic Plan Survey (online) August – October 201560

Staff Feedback Forums (21)

“State of WT Schools” Presentation

 August – October 20151500
Strategic Planning Information Booth September 11, 201570

WT Advisory Council Community Forum for Final Input

November 4, 2015250


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