June 24, 2018

Skyward Canvas Outlook

ENL Translation and Interpretation

MSD Washington Township Special Services provides administrators, teachers, and office staff with translated documents to be used when communicating with parents/guardians when they do not understand English.  Below is a list of commonly used documents that have been translated into Spanish. This list will continue to grow as more documents and languages are added. If a translation or interpreter is needed, please send the request via email to Haley Frischkorn or call at 205-3332 x77235.  All requests should be made at least 3 days before the service is needed.

Translated Comments

This is a list of a multitude of translated comments in Spanish.  Please use this document as a reference to insert comments into the classroom documents or in the creation of your own.

Interpretation Resources

If you are interpreting for a large group, you can offer interpretation of the meeting over a cell phone.  Check out the directions below to create a conference call that you can use to provide interpretation.

Classroom Documents

IREAD3 Presentation

District Documents

College Information

Retention Documents