December 11, 2019

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Athletic Facility Assessment & Master Planning Project

Athletic Facilities & Site Assessment

Conducted by Schmidt Associates

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Athletic Facilities & Site Assessment Presentation

Presented at the July 24, 2019 Board Meeting

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Timeline for Athletic Assessment (June 2018 – July 2019)

  • Evaluate existing conditions:

    Evaluate sites and related facilities for lifespan and condition assessment including existing site conditions, existing building and interior materials, and existing environmental conditions.

    Evaluation includes assessing existing capacity/educational effectiveness, existing safety, security and code compliance, existing healthy learning environments, and existing technology conditions.

  • Engage:

    Facilitate on-site input sessions to vet existing condition observations with end users.

  • Log existing benchmark data:

    Create live database log of existing conditions as a benchmark for moving into Master Planning.

  • Communicate existing benchmark back to the school community:

    Communicate back the findings of existing conditions to school community in preparation for moving into Master Planning.

Timeline for Master Planning Project (July 2019 – December 2019)

  • Understand the Vision:

    Walk buildings and campus with end users and leadership to begin shaping a Vision.

  • Engage:

    Facilitate on-site work sessions to gain and understand input for shaping a Vision.

  • Explore Options:

    Visit and tour other facilities that align with goals & objectives for shaping a Vision.

  • Develop Preliminary Design Options:

    Develop site & building graphic options of potential Vision design solutions.

  • Develop Cost Estimate and Phasing Options:

    Develop costs and phasing options of Vision design solutions.

  • Communicate the Vision back to the school community:

    Communicate back the vetted Vision design solutions with costs and timeline for support moving forward.

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