February 22, 2019

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Student learning and achievement is the foremost priority of the schools of the MSDWT. Each school provides a well-structured, balanced and challenging course of study for all students. Implicit in this goal is the requirement that every student achieve a standard of academic excellence that provides the possibility of future academic, economic and social success.

The District has an official practice of “no social promotion” of students, meaning that a child will not be promoted to the next grade simply because of age, height, physical appearance, or emotional or social maturity (Policy 5410).  For students with identified disabilities, the Case Conference Committee determines the placement in which a student will receive services on the basis of the student’s educational needs and individualized education program.

The curriculum includes the following:

  • Clear curriculum goals and academic standards that specify what students should know and be able to do as a result of instruction at each grade level in each subject area;
  • Instructional strategies aligned with curriculum goals and assessments that meet the learning needs and learning styles of students;
  • Assessments that allow students to demonstrate that they have achieved the curriculum goals and met the academic standards in a variety of ways;
  • Appropriate materials and resources, including adopted textbooks;
  • Homework that is meaningful and challenging and that reinforces and extends learning;
  • Eligibility requirements for students participating in extracurricular activities in grades 6-12.
  • Academic opportunities for students to excel through curricular and competitive participation;
  • Academic support for all students to achieve curriculum goals and meet academic standards; and
  • Expectation that students will attend school on every scheduled school day so that they have the opportunity to achieve academic goals and meet academic standards.

Parents/guardians should be aware that the teaching of reproductive health, family planning, and the recognition, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases is an essential part of a comprehensive school health education curriculum (Policy: 2414). For more information, contact your student’s principal.

K-8 Grading Scale

93-100 = A73-76 =  C
90-92 = A-70-72 =  C-
87-89 = B+67-69 =  D+
83-86 = B63-66 =  D
80-82 = B-60-62 =  D-
77-79 = C+59 and below =  F

A student’s academic success is a shared responsibility.  The students, parents/guardians and the school contribute to the attainment of this goal.



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