February 22, 2019

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Expectations for Students, Parents/Guardians and School


• Come to school each day on time and ready to learn.
• Know the goals for each major unit of study, including the major points to learn, what they will know and be able to do by the end of the unit, how homework will help them achieve the goals, and how they will be assessed.
• Actively participate in each class.
• Do homework and/or study each school night.
• Work hard to learn.
• Use feedback from teachers to improve learning and achievement.
• Take advantage of the learning support available to them.
• Communicate with their parents/guardians about what they are learning in school.



• Establish an academics-first expectation in the home and expect children to learn and achieve in school.
• Ensure that children attend school on all scheduled school days.
• Expect children to do homework and/or study each school night and provide space, materials, and absence of distractions so that students can complete homework.
• Support the school in the academic and behavioral development of their children.
• Communicate with teachers about the academic development of their children.
• Make an effort to regularly attend academic-related school-sponsored events, such as Back-to-School Night, parent/guardian workshops, PTO meetings, and elementary conferences.



• Establish and maintain a positive climate for learning.
• Establish and communicate high academic expectations for all students.
• Use curriculum goals consistently to plan instruction.
• Design authentic, meaningful, and challenging instructional activities and homework assignments aligned with curriculum goals.
• Assess students on the achievement of curriculum goals using a variety of assessment tools and scoring criteria.
• Establish and communicate clear criteria for grading.
• Provide meaningful feedback to students to help them improve learning and achievement.
• Communicate with parents/guardians when students are not meeting expectations.


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