February 22, 2019

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Internet and Other Online Access


It is the objective of the Board of Education  to provide electronic and communication resources to its school community for the purpose of promoting student achievement and the efficient operation of the District (Policies 7540 and 7540.01). To promote this objective and prevent the exposure of students to harmful or inappropriate influences, the Board expects school community members to use the electronic and communication resources provided in a manner consistent with this objective.

Students will be permitted access to the Internet through District electronic and communication resources UNLESS a parent/guardian signs and returns the “Denial of Internet Access Form” to the student’s building Principal. This form can be found in each Principal’s office and on the “For Families”, then “For Parents- Resources” section of the MSDWT website.

The following shall not be accessed, created, transmitted, or stored on the District’s electronic and communication resources:

  1. Obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit materials;
  2. Information that enables or supports the commission of a crime or an act that would endanger the user or others or damage property;
  3. Unsolicited offers to buy or sell goods or services from an individual or private business or entity;
  4. Jokes, comments, or messages that contain content that is demeaning, defamatory, harassing, threatening, objectively offensive, or disruptive to the intended recipient. Examples of information that violate this provision include, but are not limited to, harassment in violation of Board Policies 1662, 3362, 4362, and 5517, sexual comments or images, pornography, and racial, ethnic, disability, or religious slurs;
  5. Information that hides or attempts to hide the identity of the sender, or represents the sender as someone else or from another user;
  6. Information that would enable a user to obtain access to the files or email of others without authorization;
  7. A computer virus or other message that is known by the sender to have the capability to damage or impair the operation of a District electronic resource or another person or organization’s electronic resource.

A user shall not attempt to obtain or use another user’s password, sign-on, or account without written permission from the user and a System Administrator. An unauthorized attempt to log onto any electronic resource as a System Administrator or violation of any of the above guidelines, will result in disciplinary action, including termination for employees or expulsion for students.

A user identified as a security risk based upon one or more violations of this policy may be denied access to all District electronic and communication resources.


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