February 22, 2019

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Parental Involvement


The MSDWT recognizes and respects the critical role all parents/guardians and families have in the education of their sons and daughters (Policy 9250). The District knows that the most accurate predictor of student achievement in school is the extent to which parents/guardians and families create home environments that encourage learning, express high expectations for their children, and become involved in their children’s education at school and in the community.

The District believes that parents/guardians and families must feel welcomed and valued by their children’s schools. Schools encourage parents/guardians to participate by providing helpful information and skills supporting parents and families in their children’s educational process.

The District is committed to developing good working relationships with parents/guardians and families in order to improve student achievement, to strengthen school learning environments and to promote positive relationships within the community. The Superintendent, in collaboration with the District’s Parent Council, will make recommendations to the Board on the best way to implement this plan.

Parent Participation in Title I Programs

The Board of Education recognizes that participation in Title I programs requires compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 as listed below. The MSDWT Board directs the administration to provide procedures for involving parents in the programs served by Title I and to distribute this policy to parents of students participating in the Title I program.

Goals of Parental Involvement

  1. Involve parents/guardians in jointly developing our District’s local plan under section 1112 and in the process of school review and improvement under section 1116;
  2. Provide the coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist Title I, Part A schools in planning and implementing effective parental involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance; such as family literacy and math events and Homework Hotline;
  3. Build the schools’ and parents’/guardians’ capacity for strong parental involvement by providing parents/guardians with:
    1. Open invitation to come to the school and observe their child’s engagement in Title I activities;
    2. A description and explanation of the Indiana State Standards for the appropriate grade level and content area;
    3. Forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress;
    4. Quarterly monitoring of student academic achievement and performance through standards-based progress reports;
    5. Proficiency levels that students are expected to meet;
    6. Opportunities for decision-making related to the education of their children through parent/teacher conferences, phone calls, and invitations to Title I functions;
    7. Materials and training on how parents can improve their child’s achievement;
    8. Access to resource books, materials, and programs such as 7 Keys to Comprehension, Reading Magic, Parenting with Dignity, Parenting with Love & Logic, A Family’s Guide: Fostering Your Child’s Success in School Mathematics;
    9. Educating school staff on how to build ties between home and school through monthly school level staff development meetings and sharing monthly Title I Family Newsletters;
    10. Ensuring, to the extent possible, that information sent home is in a language and form parents can understand; and
    11. Other reasonable support for parental involvement activities that parents may request.
  4. Coordinate and integrate parental involvement strategies under Title I, Part A with parental/guardian involvement strategies under other programs, such as Head Start, Reading First, Early Reading First, Even Start, Parents as Teachers, Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), State-run preschool programs, and Title III language instructional programs.
  5. Through parent/guardian surveys or parent focus groups, MSDWT Title I will conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parental involvement policy in improving the academic quality of the schools served with Title I, Part A funds including:
    • Identifying barriers to greater participation by parents/guardians in parental involvement activities, with particular attention to parents who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or are any racial or ethnic minority background.
    • Using the findings of the evaluation design strategies for more effective parental involvement; revising, if necessary, the LEA’s parental involvement policies; and involve parents in the activities of schools served under Title I, Part A.

Expectations for Parental Involvement

The MSDWT Board intends that parents/guardians of participating students be provided with frequent and convenient opportunities for full and ongoing participation in the Title I program. This shall include opportunities to jointly develop the Title I program plan and suggest modifications in the process for school review and improvement.

Any comments indicating parents’ dissatisfaction with the District Title I program will be collected and submitted along with the Title I Application for Grant to the Indiana Division of Compensatory Education.

The Title I program will be designed to assist students to acquire the competencies and achieve the goals established by law, as well as the goals and standards established by the MSDWT Board. These goals and standards will be shared with parents/guardians in a manner that will enable them to (1) participate in decisions concerning their child’s education, and (2) monitor and improve the educational achievement of their child.

School Plan

Each school must submit its Title I school parent involvement plan, which must meet all legal requirements. This plan will be developed jointly with and distributed by the school to parents/guardians of participating students. The plan will be updated annually. A copy of the school’s parent/guardian involvement plan shall be kept on file with the school’s Title I program plan and at the H. Dean Evans Community and Education Center.

References: Section 1118 of Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) http:// www. ed. gov/ esea


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