February 22, 2019

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Pest Control and Use of Pesticides


Policy 8432 on the control and use of pesticides.  While pesticides protect children from pests that may be found in the school and its surrounding grounds, under some circumstances they may pose a hazard to children. Therefore, pest control practices may involve a variety of chemical and nonchemical methods that are designed to control pests effectively while minimizing potential exposure.

The above statement is to serve as the District’s annual notice to parents and staff members of the District’s pest control policy.

The District will maintain a registry of parents and staff members who have requested to receive advance notice of pesticide applications. All parties on this registry will receive advance notice of application of pesticides. The District will maintain a written record of pesticide applications for ninety-days (90) after the date of application. When possible, pesticide applications will be done during non-instructional time or during vacation periods.

If you want to receive notice in advance of all pesticide use, or you have questions, or a request for information about the District’s pest control policy, please contact the Director of Operations, located at the Community Education Center or by phone at (317) 845-9400.

Pesticides will be applied by certified pest control personnel.


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