February 22, 2019

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Records of Children with Special Needs


The MSDWT is seeking assistance in collecting selected information on children with disabilities, birth through 22 years of age, for the purpose of determining program placement needs, and for statistical reporting.  Information will be sought from other agencies serving children with disabilities as well as the general public.

Information which is collected will be maintained in a confidential manner. Information will not be shared beyond the local level unless prior parental written consent is obtained.

Parents, custodians and guardians may inspect any and all information which is collected and can appeal its accuracy. The access of an unauthorized person to a student’s information without written parental consent is forbidden.  If an educational record is developed and maintained for a student with disabilities, it is the practice of the MSDWT to forward the record upon request, to any school in which the student seeks to or intends to enroll, without prior written parental consent for release.

If you wish to have additional information on the process of locating, identifying and evaluating children with disabilities, please contact:

Department of Special Services
MSD of Washington Township
8550 Woodfield Crossing Boulevard
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

(317) 845-9400

Citation: 34 CFRM, 300.128, 511 IAC, ARTICLE 7-25-2


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