February 22, 2019

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Suggestions for Student Success




You can greatly assist your child’s education by making sure he/she is fully prepared for school each day.

This includes the following:

  1. Getting a good night’s sleep prior to every school day.
  2. Making sure your child has breakfast at home or at school.
  3. Making sure your child leaves home with all the materials and supplies he/she will need during the day.
  4. Making sure that all homework and other assignments have been completed the night before and packed and ready for school.
  5. Finding time to talk with your child and discuss how everything is going at school.
  6. Limiting the amount of time your child spends watching television and playing video games.
  7. Encouraging your child to do his/her best so he/she can be the best student possible.
  8. Instructing your child to respect other people.
  9. Making sure your child arrives to school on time.
  10. Contacting your child’s teacher with any pertinent information that may prevent your child from having a successful learning experience.


Students achieve at a higher level when they attend school regularly and punctually. This is an important responsibility for both the student and parents/guardians. When a student must be absent, parents/guardians are asked to contact the school office/attendance office on the morning of the absence. If a student arrives at school after the day has begun, or must leave early for medical appointments or other reasons, he/she must be signed in and out by a parent/guardian.

Student attendance shall be in conformance with Indiana law, IC 20-33-2.

You need to become informed of how your child’s school deals with excessive absence including consequences that may be applied according to your administrator’s guidelines.

You may check with the school to determine its policy on making up assignments that are missed due to absence. The school may also have telephone voice mail access for homework assignments.


Elementary Schools

If an elementary student is not accounted for by 9 a.m., the school will attempt to reach the parent/guardian using the student’s emergency contact information (usually by an automated message). To avoid confusion, parents/guardians may report absences and tardies to their student’s school by contacting the corresponding telephone number below:

Allisonville:         (317) 259-8864 ext. 11555

Crooked Creek:  (317) 259-5220 ext. 12555

Fox Hill:              (317) 259-5230 ext. 13555

Greenbriar:         (317) 259-5468 ext. 14555

John Strange:     (317) 259-5480 ext. 15555

Nora:                    (317) 259-8856 ext. 16555

Spring Mill:         (317) 259-8850 ext. 17555

Middle Schools

If a middle school student is not accounted for by 11 a.m., the school will attempt to reach the parent/guardian using the student’s emergency contact information (usually by an automated message). To avoid confusion, parents/guardians may report absences and tardies to their student’s school by contacting the corresponding telephone number below:

Eastwood:                           (317) 259-5407

Northview:                         (317) 259-5431

Westlane:                           (317) 259-5412



Good communication between the home and school is important for the success of our students. Return phone calls from your child’s teacher. If you change your phone number, be sure to notify the school’s office. If you wish to schedule a parent-teacher conference, please contact your child’s teacher to request an appointment. Your school’s newsletter and PTO activities are excellent ways to stay informed about your child’s school. Always attempt to read documents from the school and stay informed about the school’s calendar of events.


Field Trips         

Field trips are academic activities that are held off school grounds. Attendance rules apply to all field trips and students who violate school rules may lose the privilege to go on field trips. While the MSDWT encourages the student’s participation in field trips, alternative assignments will be provided for any student whose parent does not give permission for the student to attend.

Parents are often requested to participate on Field Trips as volunteers. All parents/guardians are required to complete a Limited or Expanded Criminal Background Check (per MSDWT guidelines) and complete the Bullying Education and Training starting July 1st before the school year begins.

This information can be found at: www.msdwt.k12.in.us/volunteer-requirements/

If a student will require health services on the field trip, such as diabetes management or implementation of an individualized health plan, a parent/guardian may attend the field trip to assist their student. If a parent/guardian is unavailable, the parent/guardians must coordinate with the school and administration.

School Visits and Deliveries

The school office must know the identity and business of all visitors to the building. Therefore, upon entering the building visitors MUST stop at the office, show proper identification, sign the register, and obtain a pass or an escort before proceeding to any area of the building.  Visitors must also sign out upon leaving the building.  Parents who would like to schedule a conference with their child’s teacher or to visit the classroom may do so by contacting the teacher and requesting an appointment.

The middle schools and North Central High School will permit students to shadow at the schools when a family is considering a child’s future enrollment. Each school has certain procedures that must be followed for this activity. Parents should contact the specific school for more information on this process.

Deliveries to staff or students will be kept in the office area until a time appropriate for pickup.



Homework is an extension of daily classroom instruction. Homework is assigned to students for remediating, reviewing, and enriching skill development. Graded homework is included in the assessment of student progress in the subject area classes and is reflected in the letter grade assigned on report cards and student progress reports. Students are expected to assume responsibility for completion of all homework assignments.



A student must be in good standing and meet minimum academic requirements to participate in District-sponsored activities.

The 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) rule only applies to athletic participation. Students involved in other extracurricular and co-curricular activities will not be ruled ineligible based on not meeting the 2.0 GPA.

An athlete is eligible for full athletic participation if he/she earns a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Eligibility check points occur at approximately 4½ week intervals.

If an athlete does not meet the 2.0 GPA rule, he/she becomes ineligible at the conclusion of the school day when report cards or midterms are distributed.

An athlete who becomes ineligible after the season begins, may practice with his/her team but will not participate in any games or matches, will not sit on the bench with the team, and will not wear the team uniform during the contest.

In order to regain his/her eligibility, an athlete must earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher at the next check point (midterm or report card).

Athletes who have not earned the necessary 2.0 GPA while participating on an athletic team, will be expected to take advantage of academic support offered by the school. This support could be a study table and/or academic support that is offered Wednesday mornings at each middle school.

If an athlete fails to meet the 2.0 GPA requirement in the middle of a season and the season ends prior to the athlete regaining his/her eligibility, the athlete may be directed to spend each day focusing on academics and not continue practicing with the team.

Athletes who do not meet the 2.0 GPA threshold on the second semester report card, will still be eligible for athletic participation at the beginning of the following school year.

In order to be granted initial eligibility in middle school athletic activities, a student must have maintained at least a 2.0 GPA for the prior grading period. Students must meet additional requirements, established by the Superintendent, to maintain eligibility during an activity should the GPA fall below 2.0.

Eligibility for participation in middle school clubs and organizations requires students to meet minimum academic and behavioral requirements established by the school administration. Eligibility may be limited, with full participation in the activity being restricted until a student improves his/her academic standing or level of deportment. Students and parents will be informed of all requirements prior to participation.

District-sponsored activities shall be available to all students who elect to participate and who meet eligibility standards. In order to remain a member of a District-established student group or national organization such as the National Honor Society, a student must continue to meet all of the eligibility criteria and abide by the principles and practices established by the group or the organization.

Since the implementation of the 2.0 GPA requirement, data collected by the District clearly shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities demonstrate better academic performance than students who do not participate in these activities.


After-School Care & After-School Tutoring

At-Your-School (AYS) Kids before- and after-school care is provided at all elementary schools through a partnership with AYS Kids. The AYS School-Age program is offered to all K-5 students for a fee. For more information, or to register your student, please visit the website at www.ayskids.org or call (317) 283-3817.


After-School Learning Programs

After-school programs are available at most of the elementary and middle schools. Program offerings and availability vary from school to school. Contact your student’s school for more information.


Summer Programs

In addition to summer school, the MSDWT offers a wide variety of summer opportunities for students.  Parents will receive a flyer listing all programs available. Parents can also log onto www.msdwt.k12.in.us/category/summer-programs/ to look at a detailed listing of all summer opportunities offered. Listings of summer offerings are also available at each school and the Community Education Center.


Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Activities

Each of our schools has a strong PTO that supports enriching and challenging opportunities for all students. You are encouraged to join the PTO and to give of your time and talents to support classroom instruction or extracurricular activities and help raise funds. For additional information on ways to get involved with your school PTO, contact the school office.


Transition to Middle School and High School         

An important part of a child’s educational journey is the transition from elementary school to middle school and then from middle school to high school. Washington Township has numerous activities and meetings designed to assist parents and students with these transitions. In addition, each middle school has a student orientation program for incoming 6th graders as well as a separate parent orientation program prior to the start of the school year. North Central High School has a nationally-renowned orientation program – Panther Quest – that provides a day-long set of activities designed to acquaint incoming 9th graders with their new school.  Contact the appropriate school office for specific details.


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