February 22, 2019

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Transfers Within MSDWT but Outside Present School Attendance Area

Transfers Within the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township

but Outside the Present School Attendance Area

When the change of residence is within the current elementary or middle school attendance area, the parent must provide proof of new residency in accordance with District policy. When the change in residence is outside the local elementary or middle school attendance area, the District may allow the student’s attendance to continue at the current school until the end of the semester. The parent/guardian must provide proof of new residency in accordance with District policy. If the District allows the student to continue attendance to the end of the semester, the parent may be required to provide transportation. Bus routes will not be changed to accommodate such cases.

The parent/guardian is responsible to see that the student maintains regular attendance, arrives at school on time, and, if appropriate, is picked up on time. Failure of the parent/guardian to adhere to these conditions may result in the assignment of the student to his/her home school.

If a parent/guardian wishes to continue the student’s enrollment in the school beyond the current semester, it is necessary for the parent to complete a Limited (In-District) Choice application. The application must be submitted within the period of time designated for the process. The application will be processed according to the established procedures. If the Limited (In-District) Choice application is not approved, the student must enroll in the District school attendance area in which the current residence is located.

Limited Choice:

Through the Limited  (In-District) Choice Program, parents of elementary and middle school students may request that their children attend a Washington Township School different from their assigned attendance area. Consideration for the Limited  (In-District) Choice Program is given to parents/guardians of currently enrolled elementary and middle school students who complete and submit the application form.  Application forms may be required annually.  Applications are available on the MSDWT website via the “Enrollment” tab.     If the student is approved for Limited (In-District) Choice, the parent is responsible for transportation to and from school.


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