February 22, 2019

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Transfers Outside MSDWT

Transfers Outside the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township


Parents/guardians must notify the school office personnel of an impending move. Withdrawal papers and necessary records will then be prepared and available within two (2) school days. Remaining records will be mailed upon request by the office personnel of the new school.

If the move takes place during the first semester, the District may allow the student’s attendance at the current school until the end of the semester.

The parent must assume responsibility for providing transportation.

The parent is responsible to see that the student maintains regular attendance, arrives at school on time, and, if appropriate, is picked up on time. Failure of the parent to adhere to these conditions may result in the suspension or expulsion of the student. Principals are responsible for handling all communication with the parent in these matters.

If a parent wishes to continue a student’s enrollment in the District during the second semester, an application for nonresident status must be submitted to the H. Dean Evans Community & Education Center. All criteria for nonresident status must be met well in advance of the beginning of the second semester. Otherwise, the parent must withdraw the student from the school and seek enrollment in the district of current residence.


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