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February 2, 2017 at 09:11


Human Resources Organizational Chart

The Human Resource Department coordinates the following divisions within the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township. The department includes the areas of salaries and benefits, certified teacher and administrative staff, and classified support staff.

The Human Resource Department serves over 1,600 employees each day who work to educate more than 10,000 students in Washington Township Schools. The Human Resource Department handles many issues on a daily basis and makes every effort to support students, staff, and the community as it attempts to complement the overall educational program of the district.

The Human Resource Department is also responsible for complying with certain provisions of the Indiana code that are HR specific in nature. Please click this link to access contracts under this law:  (IC 20-26-5)

The main office for the Human Resource Department is located in the H. Dean Evans Community and Education Center (CEC).

Administration office hours:  8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Office phone number:  845-9400

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Contact Us

Dr. Tom Oestreich, Director of Human Resources
Phone:  (317) 205-3332  ext. 77259
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@hcie1498250904rtseo1498250904t1498250904
Kathy Hammel, Human Resources Coordinator (Contact for Administrators & Teachers)
Phone:  (317) 205-3332  ext. 77207
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@lemm1498250904ahk1498250904
Nancy Chastain, Human Resources Specialist (Contact for all non-teaching positions, except for Instructional Assistants)
Phone:  (317) 205-3332  ext. 77237
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@niat1498250904sahcn1498250904
Mary Martin, Administrative Assistant (Contact for Instructional Assistants, Student Teachers, Substitute Teachers & Tutors)
Phone:  (317) 205-3332  ext. 77244
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@nitr1498250904amm1498250904
Deb Wolfe, Benefits Specialist (Contact for Insurance Benefits)
Phone:  (317) 205-3332 ext. 77280
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@eflo1498250904wd1498250904
Claire Campassi, Human Resources Assistant
Phone:  (317) 205-3332 ext. 77205
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@issa1498250904pmacc1498250904
Marie Davis, CEC Receptionist
Phone:  (317) 845-9400
E-mail:  su.ni1498250904.21k.1498250904twdsm1498250904@siva1498250904dm1498250904


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