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October 31, 2020

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If you need student login information, you can view the username and password for your student in Skyward Family Access. You can also call the school directly or email our Skyward Support Team for assistance.

MSDWT Principals

Carletha Yarrell, Coordinator
Hilltop Learning Center
1915 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
ph: 317.259.5458
Maravene Inman profile pictureMaravene Inman, Principal
Clearwater Elementary School
3575 E. 79th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
ph: 317.259.5465
fx: 317.259.5469
Kellee Merritt profile pictureKellee Merritt, Principal
Spring Mill Elementary School
8250 Spring Mill Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46260
ph: 317.259.5462
fx: 317.259.5484
Tim Blom profile pictureTim Blom, Principal
Greenbriar Elementary School
8201 N. Ditch Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46260
ph: 317.259.5445
fx: 317.259.5494
Erica Beard profile pictureErica Beard, Principal
Fox Hill Elementary School
802 Fox Hill Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46228
ph: 317.259.5371
Keana ParquetKeana Parquet, Principal
Crooked Creek Elementary School
2150 Kessler Blvd., West Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46228
ph: 317.259.5478
fx: 317.259.5453
Mary Beth Reffett profile pictureMary Beth Reffett, Principal
Allisonville Elementary School
4900 East 79th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
ph: 317.845.9441
fx: 317.576.5255
Peter Schlifke profile picturePeter Schlifke, Principal
Nora Elementary School
1000 East 91st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
ph: 317.844.5436
fx: 317.571.7172
Brittney BrownBrittney Brown, Principal
Willow Lake Elementary School
7535 Harcourt Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46240
ph: 317.280.3701
fx: 317.280.3703
James Tutin profile pictureJames Tutin, Principal
Eastwood Middle School
4401 E. 62nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220
ph: 317.259.5401
fx: 317.259.5407
Steven Pelych profile pictureSteven Pelych, Principal
Northview Middle School
8401 Westfield Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46240
ph: 317.259.5421
fx: 317.259.5431
Bill Pitcock profile pictureBill Pitcock, Principal
Westlane Middle School
1301 W. 73rd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260
ph: 317.259.5412
Bryant Branigan profile pictureBryant Branigan, Principal
North Central High School
1801 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
ph: 317.259.5301
fx: 317.259.5369
Shawn Wright-Browner profile pictureShawn Wright-Browner, Director
J.Everett Light Career Center
1901 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
ph: 317.259.5265
fx: 317.259.5298

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