MSD of Washington Township

Estimated Impact of the Proposed 2020 School Construction
and Operating Referenda

Assessed Value Inputs

Enter Total Assessed Value (Gross Assessed Value)1:
Is This a Homestead Property?
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Net Assessed Value 2:
Please visit the Marion County Assessor's website to find your Total Assessed Value.
This will be located on the Property Record Card.
From your Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer, TABLE 1, Lines 1a - 1c.

Illustrative Change in Tax Liability From the
Proposed School Construction and Operating Referenda

Description Referendum
Net Rate
Estimated Debt Service Tax Rate
for 2020 Construction Referendum4
(Tax Rate to be seen on Referendum ballot):
Proposed Operating Referendum Tax Rate
(Tax Rate to be seen on Referendum ballot):
Existing Operating Referendum Tax Rate: ( $0.1100 )
    Operating Referendum Tax Rate Net Impact:5 $0.1400
Illustrative Net Change in Tax Liability from Proposed 2020 Referenda:
Total Referenda Rate (Construction and Operating):
Monthly Tax Liability Change:


  1. Real property assessments are adjusted annually due to changes in market conditions. The referenda liability will change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed value.
  2. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead, supplemental homestead and mortgage deductions. A parcels net assessed value may vary depending on its deductions and property class breakdown.
  3. Local property tax replacement credits are not applied to Operating Referendum tax rates, per Indiana Code 6-3.6-5-6.
  4. The proposed 2020 construction referendum has a maximum tax rate of $0.3172. The tax impact of $0.3172 may be phased in over time as the $285 million gets issued in series.
  5. The proposed operating referendum rate tax of $0.2500 would replace the existing operating referendum rate of $0.1100 resulting in an estimated annual net tax rate impact of $0.1400.
  6. The operating referendum is approved for eight years.