October 15, 2018

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Donald Kite

School Board Candidate Profile

Name: Donald Kite
Candidate for: District 2
Contact email: moc.l1539595208iamg@1539595208etik.1539595208nod1539595208

How have you been involved in Washington Township Schools?

I have been deeply involved in Washington Township Schools for many years. I was elected to the School Board in May of 2006 and I was re-elected in May of 2010 and November of 2015. For several years prior to the twelve (12) plus years that I have served on the School Board, I was actively involved in Washington Township Schools, serving as president or co-president of the Greenbriar Elementary School Dads’ Club, the Westlane Middle School PTO, the North Central High School PTO, and the Washington Township Parent Council. I was also a member of (and have continued to be a regular contributor to) the Washington Township Schools Foundation Board (presently the Advancement Center) and I was Secretary of the Parent Advisory Council. Additionally, through the years, I have chaired or co-chaired several District-wide committees or task forces including committees which made recommendations to the School Board or Superintendent regarding middle school redistricting, middle school improvement, and proposed improvements to or replacements of Township facilities.
I am a proud supporter of public schools and my three (3) children attended Washington Township Schools from kindergarten through their graduation from North Central High School.


Why are you running for the Washington Township School Board?

I would like to continue to be a hard-working, public School Board member who focuses (as has been demonstrated by my continued presence and involvement in all of our schools for many years and my continuing to ask focused questions at Board meetings), on the District’s 11,000+ students and the talented educators who endeavor every day to provide what our students need to succeed in a growingly-complex world. The Board, which of course must operate within its budget, continually considers data-driven ways to meet the needs of our students.
On November 8, 2016 our community voted in favor of ballot referenda that will provide the necessary funds to make sure we continue to provide rigorous educational programs and safe and effective learning environments for our students. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your School Board member during this important time in our District’s history. It has been an honor to be intimately involved in this very exciting facilities planning process for the future of Washington Township Schools. I was there when we broke ground on the two (2) new elementary schools, Clearwater & Willow Lake, and I want to be there when they open in the fall of 2019 as a proud member of your School Board.