July 20, 2019

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William Turner

School Board Candidate Profile

Name: William Turner
Candidate for: At Large
Contact email: wdturner10@gmail.com

How have you been involved in Washington Township Schools?

I have been a member of the MSDWT School Board for the past 8 years. I am a graduate of North Central High School as well as all 3 of my daughters. While they were at North Central, they played soccer and I was a member of the women’s soccer booster club as well as the North Central High Athletic Booster Club. Also my wife, Laurie, teaches at Spring Mill Elementary.


Why are you running for the Washington Township School Board?

I am a current member of the board and have been for the past 7 and ½ years. I have learned more and more about how the district is run as well as public education each year. I have helped to continue the proud traditions of MSDWT as it relates to student achievement and community engagement. We live in one of the best communities and the support for public education is above most others. I am running for re-election because we do well, but we can still do better for all students. I also think we can help to create an even better community that will include all stakeholders. Our schools are one of the main focal points for our community due the impact it has on people and quality of life. I want to continue the mission of improving the MSDWT Schools as being a member of the school board.


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