October 15, 2018

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Special Needs

Programs for Students with Disabilities

Special education services are provided to over 1600 eligible students with disabilities from the ages of 3 years through the end of the school year in which students become 22 unless it is determined by a case conference committee that a student will exit earlier.

The district provides a full range of academic, behavioral, and related supports and services. Most students attend their home school and are educated with their non-disabled peers as much as appropriate. In addition, to the services and programs that are in place at each school, the district provides a continuum of services for students with significant cognitive disabilities and behavioral challenges.

For More Information Contact:

Mrs. Mary Lowe

Director of Special Services

(317) 205-3332 x77230



Dr. Kathryn Szwed

Assistant Director of Special Services

(317) 205-3332 x77246



Patty Camp

Administrative Assistant

(317) 205-3332 x77253