December 11, 2017

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Indianapolis, IN 46240-2478
P: (317) 205-3332 | F: (317) 205-3385

Skyward Canvas Outlook
Teaching & Learning

Organization Chart

The MSDWT Teaching and Learning Division supports the academic programing in the district. These areas include: International Baccalaureate Program, Curriculum Development, Instructional Coaching, Special Education, English as a New Language Programming and Instructional Support, Grant Writing and Management (Including Title I, Title II, Title III, and Special Education Grants), Principal Support K-12, Oversight of J. Everett Light Career Center Programming, Oversight of True North Academy, Oversight of Developmental Pre-School, State Assessments, District Instructional Technology, Oversight of District Teacher Evaluation Program, and District Policy Development.


The Teaching and Learning Division supports over 11,000 students each day by providing leadership, oversight, and collaborative decision making processes to each school building in our district. We strive to maximize the limited funds our public school receives in order to meet the needs of our diverse student population.


We provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our teaching staff, including new teacher professional development monthly sessions, a new teacher mentorship program, hands on and face to face sessions, and summer opportunities.

Dr. Jon Milleman
Assistant Superintendent

Christine Mautner - Executive Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-205-3332-77238
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@re1513007800ntuam1513007800c1513007800


Mr. Rick Doss
Director of Secondary Education
Pam Jenkins – Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-2015-3332 Ext. 77204
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@sn1513007800iknej1513007800p1513007800


Mrs. Kimberly Piper
Director of Elementary Education
Pam Jenkins – Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-205-3332 Ext. 77204
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@sn1513007800iknej1513007800p1513007800


Mr. Mike Kneebone
Director of Technology
Dudley Miller – Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-205-77261
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@re1513007800llimk1513007800d1513007800


Mrs. Mary Lowe
Director of Special Services
Patty Camp – Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-205-3332 Ext. 77287
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@pm1513007800acp1513007800


Ms. Allyson Smith
Director of Curriculum and District International Baccalaureate
Jilian Prejna – Administrative Assistant
Phone: 317-205-3332 Ext. 77268
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@an1513007800jerpj1513007800


Dr. Chad Michalek
District Grants and Assessment Coordinator
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@ke1513007800lahci1513007800mc1513007800


Mrs. Haley Frisckorn
District English as a New Language (ENL) Coordinator
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@nr1513007800okcsi1513007800rfh1513007800


Mr. Tim Blom
District Curriculum Coordinator
Email: su.ni1513007800.21k215130078001.twd1513007800sm@mo1513007800lbt1513007800