March 20, 2019

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Facility Planning
Students meet with architects to share their design ideas for the future of MSDWT.
Students meet with architects to share their design ideas for the future of MSDWT.

Washington Township Community,

The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township extends our sincere appreciation to the entire community for approving the November 8, 2016 ballot referenda.  We also extend our appreciation for the extraordinary efforts of community members who volunteered their time to support and educate the community on the needs of our schools.

Passing these referenda makes a significant difference in the district’s ability to continue our rigorous educational programs, attract and retain outstanding teachers, enhance services and opportunities for ALL students, maintain our current buildings, expand our capacity to safely accommodate our growing number of students, offset decreasing and inadequate state revenues, and help maintain property values.

Washington Township enjoys a long tradition of superior schools in a supportive community, where our goal, every day is to develop lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens. We look forward to continuing in this tradition of excellence and we thank you, the Washington Township community, for your support of our schools.

Please allow us time as we begin developing plans for our facilities and staffing needs based on our Strategic Plan and our master facility planning process and broad based community input over the past eighteen months. Information and updates will be available on our website, so the entire community may stay engaged and informed.

With Appreciation,

President of the Washington Township School Board & Dr. Nikki Woodson, Superintendent


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