August 19, 2018

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  • Brand Representation

    As we continue to transform and update our facilities, we feel that this is an important opportunity for us to refresh a...

  • Balancing & School Hours

    Balancing Enrollment & School Hours As our public schools continue to grow, MSDWT is working to ensure enrollment is...

  • VIP Card

    Washington Township Schools’ VIP Card The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township (MSDWT) is offering a VIP...

  • District Highlights In Photos

    See a photo sampling of what has been going on around the district. From Cooking Club to Teacher of the Year, this distr...

  • Excellence in Washington Township

    As we look forward to a successful 2018-2019 school year, we look back at our accomplishments from 2017-2018 to set the...

  • Curriculum Update

    Choose, Act, Reflect - IB in Washington Township Real World Student Learning The MSDWT continues to engage our students...