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July 15, 2020

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Equity in Washington Township Schools

District Values

The vision statement for Washington Township Schools is superior schools in a supportive community. The cornerstone for this vision statement is based on the concept of supporting students with whatever is needed to succeed based on where they are individually. We understand and value the diverse and unique learning needs of our students who enter our schools as it makes for a culturally enriched learning experience for all.

Our efforts to engage all students in a culturally responsive and inclusive manner is at the forefront of our continued development as a learning organization. Our action behind these efforts demonstrate our focus of infusing equitable practices into curriculum, classroom and school climate, as well as community relations.


Equality assumes everyone benefits; equity assumes everyone gets supported; and justice because the cause(s) of the inequity was addressed.

District Coaches

attendees viewing a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) presentation

Our District Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coaches work with students and staff to grow in our unifying approaches to meeting the needs of our diverse population. The UNIFYing approaches include cultural responsivity, proactive discipline, Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII), educational neuroscience, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program of Study.

five colored circles with "Cultural Responsivity," "Proactive Discipline," "Response to Instruction & Intervention," "Educational Neuroscience," and "IB" - which collectively encompass UNIFYing

Our coaches’ primary objectives are to help schools connect the dots of our UNIFYing work as we continue to build relationships and cultivate resilient staff, students, and communities as well as continue to develop equitable environments and opportunities for ALL students.

District Teams

The vision of Washington Township Equity Teams is to continue our work in the areas of cultural responsivity, proactive discipline, response to instruction & intervention, social emotional learning/educational neuroscience, and international baccalaureate to develop lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens. Four members of this team will meet with other teams across the district once each quarter as part of a district-level Equity Team, whose primary function will be to guide the district’s work and plan the quarterly meetings using data to respond to the needs of students and staff. This work is led by the principal in each building.

image depicting the difference restorative policies and practices can make
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students at a regulation station gather around an Eastwood teacher
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High School Equivalency Pilot Program

  • Establishes the high school equivalency pilot program for Richmond Community Schools, MSD Washington Township Schools, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, and MSD Warren Township Schools.
  • Allows a student who has completed less than 50% of the required number of credits necessary to graduate upon entering their fourth year of high school to participate in the program to earn a high school equivalency diploma as a new form of diploma.
  • Requires that a student who successfully achieves a high school equivalency diploma and successfully completes certain career and college readiness requirements be counted in the high school’s graduation rate.
  • Requires the school corporation to hold a public meeting to discuss the source of the funds.
  • Provides that an eligible student enrolled in a school corporation may not be a student in an adult education program or adult high school.
  • Requires participating school corporations to report to the general assembly concerning the program.

Equal Opportunity

Washington Township Schools has a policy of providing equal opportunity. All courses are open to all students regardless of age, race, color, sex, handicapping condition, or national origin, including limited English proficiency.

Education services, programs, instruction, and facilities will not be denied to anyone in the MSDWT as the result of his or her age, race, color, sex, handicapping condition, or national origin (including limited English proficiency).

For additional information, clarification, or to express a complaint, please visit SafeSchools or contact any of the following:

Coordinator of Title IX and Civil Rights

Dr. Sean Taylor, Assistant Superintendent
P: (317) 205-3332 ext. 77226

Coordinator of American Disabilities Act

Mr. Matt Kaiser, Director of Human Resources
P: (317) 205-3332 ext. 77258

Administrator of Article VII/504

Ms. Mary Lowe, Director of Special Services
P: (317) 205-3332 ext. 77230

Any other information concerning the above policies may be obtained
by contacting the Superintendent of Washington Township Schools

Dr. Nikki C. Woodson, Superintendent
8550 Woodfield Crossing Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46240
P: (317) 845-9400

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