Facility Rental Information

Facility Use Update (9/10/2021)

Use of School Facilities - Important Information

Thank you for your interest in renting our facilities. The following process applies to ANY use of M.S.D. Washington Township facilities:

  1. The online “Application to Rent Facilities” must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the requested facility use.
  2. All required documentation must be attached to the application (example – proof of insurance, tax exempt information, seating set-up, table arrangements, etc.).
  3. All facility availability will be determined by individual school or site administrators. Facility availability will be confirmed after a request has been made using the online facility rental application. Please note that individual schools do not have the authority to approve facility rental.
  4. An approved or denied Application to Rent Facilities will be issued within 14 days of the online submission.
  5. The approved application will include a confirmed or estimated cost of renting the facility. This amount (plus any additional fees) will be charged to the provided credit card number after the scheduled event.
  6. Cancellation – All cancellation requests must be completed and submitted online, using the ML Schedules online software. An event can’t be canceled by contacting the school. A permit may be cancelled any time prior to 14 days in advance of the event with no penalty. If the Operations Division receives a cancellation request within 14 days of the scheduled event, a 10% penalty will be applied and the remaining 90% will be refunded to the credit card provided.
  7. A $30.00 non-refundable application fee will be charged to a provided credit card number upon receipt of the application ($0.00 for Class 1 Organizations). All remaining charges will be billed to that credit card number after the scheduled event. If the credit card is rejected when processed, your application will not be approved and you will be notified that your organization is no longer eligible to submit applications in the future.
  8. Before completing and submitting the online Application to Rent Facilities, users will be required to read and agree to the MSDWT Facility Rental Agreements.

Temporary Closure of Facilities Due to Construction

North Central Auditorium

The North Central Auditorium will be closed for renovations for the entire 2021-2022 school year. No events will be taking place in this space during the renovation period. The numerous Performing Arts events that typically take place in the NCHS Auditorium will be moved to the smaller auditorium, the NCHS Performing Arts Classroom, as well as the Northview Middle School Auditorium. At this time we are unable to approve non-MSDWT events in the Northview Auditorium, the North Central Auditorium, and the North Central Performing Arts Classroom. Thank you for your patience as we work to update our performance spaces in the district.

North Central Tennis Complex/Courts

The North Central Tennis complex (including all tennis courts and the Tennis House) will be closed due to renovations from March 2022-March 2023.

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