July 24, 2021

Religious & Cultural Observances and Events

Please consider joining our upcoming events as sponsored by the District Equity Leadership Team.

Past Events


Community Implicit Bias Training with the Peace Learning Center

April 15 :: MSDWT Implicit Bias & Equity Workshop

On behalf of the MSDWT District Equity Leadership Team (DELT), you are invited to engage in learning surrounding implicit bias and equity. In this workshop, not only will you learn more about some of these efforts in MSDWT, but you will engage in your own learning surrounding bias and equity. This workshop will be part informational and part active learning and engagement. There are two times available on April 15th. Please choose only ONE time, as they will be the same workshop. For this round, there is a maximum of 75 participants for each time slot. The workshop will be held on Zoom, and we will be partnering with the Peace Learning Center to deliver this learning experience.

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