School & Community Stakeholders

Resiliency Teams

attendees viewing a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) presentation

Resiliency Teams in each school work to elevate learning and practices that center equity. These teams facilitate learning that intersects culturally responsive teaching practices, educational neuroscience, ABAR (anti-bias and antiracist work), and social emotional learning. Teams throughout the district meet regularly to engage in professional development and facilitate shared learning experiences in their respective buildings. Each team is responsible for a school-based plan that holds staff accountable for the transformative work of creating equitable systems that support all learners.

WT Community Coalition

The WT Community Coalition serves as a liaison between schools and the community. It is composed of parents/caregivers, educators, and local agencies that support public education. We recognize that the work of disrupting inequitable structures is collective work and there is strength in our community. The organization works to support the District Strategic Plan and families throughout the Washington Township community.