Request to Distribute

The MSDWT District Offices as well as individual schools receive frequent requests to distribute information to students. Materials approved by the Director of Secondary Education, Director of Elementary Education, Assistant Superintendent, or Superintendent may be provided to students and families according the guidelines below.

Principals will be notified of all District or District-Affiliated Informational Material pre-approved for distribution.

All other requests for distribution of information must be submitted to the Director of Communications of the MSD of Washington Township.

The method of distribution will be stipulated on the Request for Distribution of Information Form. If approved, the organization or individual may not deviate from the approved methods of distribution without District approval of an additional Request for Distribution of Information Form.

Please review / download the complete guidelines at this link: Request to Distribute Guidelines

Please fill out the Request to Distribute form electronically and submit it along with the materials you wish to have approved. The Request to Distribute form is at this link:

Request to Distribute Form Online Submission