District Overview

Welcome to the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township

The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township (MSDWT) is located in the northern section of Indianapolis, Indiana and Marion County. It is a dynamic community with broad diversity in cultures, religions, ethnic groups, races, and socioeconomic levels. The district has been an educational leader in Indiana for the last 60 years and offers a comprehensive educational curriculum with special activities and programs geared to provide enrichment, exploration, and instructional support for students. It also provides excellent opportunities for students to participate in outstanding performing arts, fine arts, academic teams, publications, athletics, and other student activities.

Student Demographics






  • 10,969 students
    • 4,698 Elementary School
    • 2,513 Middle School
    • 3,758 High School

  • 15 Schools:
    • 1 Early Learning Center
    • 8 Elementary Schools
    • 3 Middle Schools
    • 1 High School
    • 1 Career Center
    • 1 Alternative School

MSDWT By The Numbers

  • 2,352,168 Square Feet of Facilities
  • 6 Support Facilities (Central Office, Transportation, Police Department, Maintenance/Warehouse, WT Services Center, Tennis Center)
  • Over 1,600 employees (40% on contract hold a Master’s Degree or Higher)

NC Seniors By The Numbers


Student-Athletes Headed To Compete Collegiately


Million Earned In Merit-Based Scholarships


Earned Multilingual Proficiency Certificate


AP Scholars (More Than 50% Honor/Distinction)

Staff By The Numbers

Teachers (42%)
School & Classroom Support (28%)
Transportation (10%)
Cafeteria (8%)
Custodial/Maintenance (5%)
Administration (4%)
Dept Chairs (1%)
Social Workers (<1%)
School Psychologists (<1%)

Student Services At-A-Glance

  • Dual language immersion classes offered at one elementary school (K)
  • Special services inclusive of: Special Education, English as a New Language (ENL), and High Ability Services
  • Each building has the support of a social worker and mental health provider to address the social and emotional needs of all students
  • The J. Everett Light Career Center serves 1,730 students and offers 25 career related programs
  • Alternative programs are available at True North Academy and Opportunity/Transition School for middle and high school students
  • The North Central Learning Center is available to ALL students throughout the school year, which provides tutoring and small group instruction
  • Every student has access to a technology device to enhance their learning experience
  • After school enrichment activities are abundant to students throughout the district

Mission & Vision

MSDWT provides quality education in award winning schools built on a foundation of outstanding educators, administrators, school board members, and supportive parents. Our mission is to develop lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens by fostering the academic, creative, and social skills needed to achieve excellence in a multicultural environment. Our vision is to create equitable, affirming and responsive learning environments for all students to thrive.