Printing Services

MSDWT Printing & Design Services

  • Submit all Print/Design Requests online at  Print/Design Requests
  • Follow the instructions to create an account or submit an online request
  • Print/Design Requests will take up to 30 business days to complete and deliver
  • If you are including files/graphics for a request, please email
  • JEL Print Shop capabilities include: Announcements, Black & White, Booklets, Brochures, Bulletins, Business Cards, Business Forms, Camera Ready Copy, Carbonless Forms, Collating, Comb Binding, Cutting, Design Layout, Die Cutting, Direct to Film, Direct to Plate, Drilling, Envelopes, Flyers, Folding, Four Color Process Printing, Greeting Cards, High Speed Copying, High Quality Duplication, Invitations, Programs, Labels, Letterhead, Manuals, Newsletters, Numbering, One Color Printing, Offset Printing, Padding, Perforating, Post Cards, Posters, Scoring, Shrink Wrapping, Stitching, Stickers, Tape Binding, Thermography, Tickets, Two Color Printing.

Business Card Orders

  • Business Cards will be printed free of charge for the following groups; All Administrators, Supervisors, Coordinators, Student Program Specialists, Crisis Administrators, Grant Coordinators, Psychologists, School Board Members, or others approved by the Superintendent.
  • Employees not in the above group may order business cards at $10.00 for every 200 business cards. Please send check with the order. We must have 12 sets of business cards in order to print cost-effectively (every 200 constitutes a set).
  • Complete Business Card Order and email to

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