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April 01, 2020

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Health Services

The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township continues our collaboration with IU Health for placement and support of school nurses in the elementary and middle schools. The school health offices in these schools are staffed with either a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) and supervised by an RN Manager. In addition, the District employs Nicole Cooper, CDA LDH BS, Supervisor of Health Science Programs and Services.


The role of the school nurse is to provide first-aid for minor illnesses and injuries for students and staff. They monitor medication administration and maintain documentation for clinical records. They do not act in place of a physician or health care facility.


The Marion County Health and Hospital Corporation continues to assist in school health matters by assigning Marion County public health nurses to each school in the township as they have done in the past. These nurses will continue to function in a collaborative role with school personnel to carry out the mandated health screenings including vision and hearing testing. They will also continue to complete any needed follow-up with parents/guardians related to these screenings. We are very fortunate to have these knowledgeable health professionals helping our schools.


Questions or concerns regarding school health services may be directed to Nicole Cooper, CDA LDH BS, Supervisor of Health Science Programs and Services: or 317-259-5265 Ext. 44017


Health Screenings

Immunization Information

Medication Authorization Forms



Hilltop Developmental Preschool

Angie Brennan, LPN
PH: 317-259-5458 ext. 43014 | Fax: 317-259-5364


Allisonville Elementary

Kim Reeves, LPN
PH: 317-845-9441 ext. 11204 | Fax: 317-576-5255


Crooked Creek Elementary

Cheretha Benson, LPN
PH: 317-259-5478 ext. 12106 | Fax: 317-259-5459


Fox Hill Elementary

Tiffany Lindsay, RN
PH: 317-259-5371 ext. 13302 | Fax: 317-259-5383


Greenbriar Elementary

Angela Stephens, LPN
PH: 317-259-5445 ext. 14402 | Fax: 317-259-5494


John Strange Elementary

Taylor Decker, RN
PH: 317-259-5465 ext. 15104 | Fax: 317-259-5469


Nora Elementary

Amanda Cavaletto, RN
PH: 317-844-5436 ext. 16104 | Fax: 317-571-7172


Spring Mill Elementary

Jamie Rubin, RN
PH: 317-259-5462 ext. 17156 | Fax: 317-259-5484


Eastwood Middle

Bonita Richardson, LPN
PH: 317-259-5401 ext. 21227 | Fax: 317-259-5407


Northview Middle

Katherine Kelly, LPN
PH: 317-259-5428 ext. 22118 | Fax: 317-259-5431


Westlane Middle

Patricia Harris, LPN
PH: 317-259-5412 ext. 23107 | Fax: 317-259-5409


North Central High School

Sara Davis, RN
Janice Kaefer, RN, BSN
Lynne Steele, RN, BSN
PH: 317-259-5301 ext. 45388 | Fax: 317-259-5369


Coordinator of Health Services District RN

Rebecca West, MSN, RN, CNE
PH: 317-259-5265 ext. 44089 | Fax: 317-259-5298

Supervisor of Health Science Programs and Services

Nicole Cooper, LDH, BS
PH: 317-259-5265 ext. 44017 | Fax: 317-259-5298

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