English as a New Language
Welcome written in other languages with greyscale globe in background

Welcome!  The purpose of the English as a New Language program in Washington Township Schools is to cultivate equitable learning experiences for our emerging multilingual students.  Our ENL program supports students as they engage in all domains of language acquisition (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) within meaningful contexts.  We honor all cultures, heritages, and languages as valued assets of our community, and we believe all students can grow in their English proficiency and thrive in content-area courses.

Allisonville Elementary Sarah Hunt 317-845-9441
Clearwater Elementary Apiradee Ngamkamolrat 317-259-5465
Crooked Creek Elementary Cristina Barry 317-259-5478
Natalie Church
Fox Hill Elementary
Carol Pierobon-Hofer 317-259-5371
Ashley Ballweg
Greenbriar Elementary
Nate Lee 317-259-5445
Caroline Haywood
Nora Elementary
Ali Fleischer 317-844-5436
Krystal Wilson-Vermillion
Ellen Hon
Spring Mill Elementary
Jenn Switalski 317-259-5462
Angela Brewer
Willow Lake Elementary
Scott Haber 317-280-3701
Gretchen Eaton
Cristina Vasquez (DLI Coach)
Eastwood Middle Sarah Pritts 317-259-5401
Northview Middle
Audra Rasmussen 317-259-5421
Angel Pickett-Chilton
Westlane Middle
Kimberly Northrup 317-259-5412
Liz Kemp
Cori Neff
North Central High School
Judith Sponseller (Department Chair) 317-259-5301
Betty Salgado
Janet Eichenberger
Traci Vermilion
Davis Thompson

Our Washington Township Schools’ Community Resources Padlet is updated regularly and provides a vast array of resources for multilingual families, including:

  • Translated forms, fact sheets, & videos
  • Local organizations with full-time multilingual staff members
  • Information on citizenship classes, immigrant legal services, & English classes
  • And much more!