English as a New Language

Welcome! Our English as a New Language program serves over 1,650 emerging multilingual students.  The purpose of the ENL program is to create equitable learning opportunities for our students.  We honor all cultures, heritages, and languages as valued assets of our community.  ENL programming in the MSD of Washington Township supports students as they engage in all domains of language acquisition (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) within meaningful contexts.  We believe all students can grow in their English proficiency and thrive in content-area courses.

Dane Butts

ENL Coach

Anastasia Gamiño

ENL Coach

Annah Marchetto

ENL Coach

Dr. Rachel Sever

ENL Coordinator

Contact Information

For more information regarding ENL or Multilingual Support Services, please contact:

Dr. Rachel Sever,
English as a New Language Coordinator
Phone: 317-205-3332