The vision of the Operations division is to provide optimal learning environments through multiple services to meet various student, staff and community needs. The Operations division is holistic, encompassing child nutrition, safety and security, custodial and maintenance. Ultimately, the Operations division seeks to maintain a safe and healthy learning and working environment that supports teaching and learning while protecting the capital investments of the district’s school facilities.

The Operations division includes the areas of construction, child nutrition, housekeeping, maintenance, security, and warehousing, serving over 10,000 students and 1,600 employees each day for Washington Township Schools.

The main office for the Operations Department is located in the H. Dean Evans Community and Education Center (CEC).

Operations Div. Org Chart


Administration office hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Office phone number 845-9400

Director of Operations
Angela Britain-Smith
Phone: (317) 205-3332 Ext. 77234


Assistant Director of Operations
Brent England
Phone: (317) 205-3332 Ext. 77264


Administrative Assistant to Director of Operations
Tammy Anderson
Phone: (317) 205-3332 Ext. 77233
Fax: (317) 205-3385


Operations Assistant
Shanise Curtis
Phone: (317) 205-3332
Fax: (317) 205-3385


Child Nutrition Supervisor
Annette Guenther
Phone: (317) 205-3332 Ext. 77209


Maintenance Supervisor
Bruce Goberville
Phone: (317) 205-3332 Ext. 41212


Administrative Assistant to Security/Maintenance: 
Dianna Weaver
Office Phone Number: (317) 845-9400 ext. 77301


Warehouse Supervisor
Johnny Mahone
Phone: (317) 259-5232