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Domain 1  Purposeful Planning

1.1 – Plans for a student program of instruction in accordance with adopted curriculum
1.2 – Demonstrates an understanding of how students develop and learn in the planning for student learning
1.3 – Uses a variety of planning resources
1.4 – Plans and prepares for the needs of all students

Domain 2 – Instruction

2.1 – Develops and maintains a positive classroom climate
2.2 – Communicates high expectations for all students
2.3 – Demonstrates a mastery of subject/content and standards
2.4 – Uses instructional strategies and resources to teach for understanding
2.5 – Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all students
2.6 – Engages all students in learning activities
2.7 – Helps students practice and deepen new knowledge through direct and explicit instruction, cooperative learning, inquiry methods, and independent practice
2.8 – Assesses student learning and uses assessment data to adjust instructional practices for student success

Domain 3  Professional Practice

3.1 – Works with colleagues in a respectful, collegial manner in the ongoing cycle of development, implementation, evaluation of curriculum and professional learning communities
3.2 – Communicates effectively to establish and maintain two-way lines of communication with students and parents
3.3 – Reflects on practice, data and student work to improve future instruction
3.4 – Uses different forms of professional development to improve instruction


Note:  The spreadsheets do not like blank cells.  If you do not have a score for a student, put a 1 in the cell.  (They don’t like zeroes either).  Then you can exclude the score with the drop down.  


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                       MSDWT Speech Student Achievement Measure Tracking Form K-5


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