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May 3, 2016 at 08:07


2016-2017 Guidebook & Guidelines

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2016-2017 Teacher Effectiveness Rubric

Domain 1 – Printable Version
Domain 2 – Printable Version
Domain 3 – Printable Version

Domain 1  Purposeful Planning

1.1 – Plans for a student program of instruction in accordance with adopted curriculum
1.2 – Demonstrates an understanding of how students develop and learn in the planning for student learning
1.3 – Uses a variety of planning resources
1.4 – Plans and prepares for the needs of all students

Domain 2 – Instruction

2.1 – Develops and maintains a positive classroom climate
2.2 – Communicates high expectations for all students
2.3 – Demonstrates a mastery of subject/content and standards
2.4 – Uses instructional strategies and resources to teach for understanding
2.5 – Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of all students
2.6 – Engages all students in learning activities
2.7 – Helps students practice and deepen new knowledge through direct and explicit instruction, cooperative learning, inquiry methods, and independent practice
2.8 – Assesses student learning and uses assessment data to adjust instructional practices for student success

Domain 3  Professional Practice

3.1 – Works with colleagues in a respectful, collegial manner in the ongoing cycle of development, implementation, evaluation of curriculum and professional learning communities
3.2 – Communicates effectively to establish and maintain two-way lines of communication with students and parents
3.3 – Reflects on practice, data and student work to improve future instruction
3.4 – Uses different forms of professional development to improve instruction


Note:  The spreadsheets do not like blank cells.  If you do not have a score for a student, put a 1 in the cell.  (They don’t like zeroes either).  Then you can exclude the score with the drop down.  If it is AIMSweb KG, enter 0.1 if you do not have an ROI score.  Call Kathy Arruda at x77275 with any questions.


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