Bullying Prevention

Anonymously report potential bullying behavior. See it. Hear it. Report it.

In July of 2013, the State of Indiana enacted a law designed to address bullying in schools. The law provides a definition of “bullying,” and provides requirements for both reporting alleged bullying instances to school officials and procedures that schools must following when investigating and addressing alleged bullying.

We highly encourage parents to familiarize themselves with our Bullying Policy (Policy 5517.01) and to view our Bully Prevention and Intervention Training Material. Additionally, criminal background checks and bullying prevention training are requirements to volunteer in our school community. Please visit our Volunteer Requirements page or contact your school for additional information.

The MSDWT provides students in K-12 with many Bullying Prevention and Bullying Education presentations and activities. The district-designed framework outlines activities and materials which each grade level incorporates in their buildings. This framework ensures consistent information and assurance that all students have received, at minimum, the same level of anti-bullying resources. Each building may enhance or add to the district framework.

Questions? You can find more answers to your questions in our FAQ or by contacting the building principal regarding the approach to the topic of bullying at your child’s school.